A painless sticking plaster that delivers vaccine through the skin has passed important safety tests trial in people.

Patch has a hundred tiny hair-like micro needles that penetrate the skin’s surface. It is simple for people to stick on themselves and may help the people to get immunized, including those who are afraid of injections, said experts to Lancet Journal.

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Also unlike the standard flu jab, it does not need to be refrigerated, so pharmacies can stock it on the shelves for purchase. According to The developer from Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology funding by the US National Institutes of Health, “it offers the same protection as a regular vaccine but without pain.” Only difference between these systems is that regular flu injections go all the way through and into muscle whereas the patch punctures the most upper layers of the skin, overall the medicine penetrates in the body.

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 Even though the patch is painless but takes twenty minutes while injection takes a second. Also patch has some side effects such as redness, itching and tenderness in the area of the skin where the patch being applied.


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This dissolvable patch offers radical pain free alternative to flu injection, researchers believe that the approach is likely to be welcomed by those shudder at the sight of a needle, but it could also provide other benefits. This low cost procedure and reduce dangerous waste buy they can be applied by the patients and do not need to be kept cold since they are stable at 104f for a year.


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