Analysts say 'PC World' would have been hopeless without McCracken

Several days ago, reports about PC World magazine Editor-in-Chief Harry McCracken leaving the magazine hit the news wire. According to those close to McCracken, the 16-year editor chose to leave the magazine because pressure was put on to avoid articles that could jeopardize relationships with companies that advertised in the magazine. Senior vice president of IDG -- the parent company of PC World -- Colin Crawford was said to have axed an article called "Ten Things We Hate About Apple."

In a surprise turn around, PC World announced that McCracken is back with the magazine but in new shoes. In a story by PC World's staff, McCracken is now vice president, editor-in-chief. As acting vice president and editor-in-chief, McCracken will have complete say over editorial content of PC World. Robert Carrigan, president of IDG Communications indicated that Crawford will also remain with the outfit as executive vice president.

"In this role, [Crawford] will be responsible for driving IDG's online strategy and initiatives in support of our Web-centric business focus," said Carrigan. "We will conduct a search for a new CEO to lead PC World and Macworld."

McCracken also issued statements and said that he was happy to be back with the magazine. "I'm thrilled to be back with the PC World team. IDG is a company I've loved working for over the past 16 years, and one with a remarkable history of enabling editors to serve our customers -- the millions of people who depend on our content online and in print."

Despite the popping champagne bottles at PC World for McCracken's return, some analysts said that the outfit had no choice but to convince McCracken of a return. To avoid a bad image and a public stigma of editorial corruption, McCracken's come back was a necessary move for PC World. Shifting Crawford to a new role outside of the magazine was also an apologetic move by IDG.

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