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Opera's third beta of its 10.0 browser brings more speed improvements, better thumbnail previews, and more.  (Source: NeoWin)
Beta is mostly solid with a few rough edges

Over the last few years Opera, a veteran player in the browser industry, has been turning heads by delivering increasingly user-friendly products.  While such praise is typically lavished on Firefox, Opera's Speed Dial and synchronization features help set it apart.  In fact, the president of Futuremark, Oliver Baltuch, admits that while Opera isn't the fastest browser, he finds it the most pleasant to use for his personal use.

With Opera's first two betas of its upcoming 10.0 browser, it came a long ways to closing the speed gap between it and Chrome/Safari.  In the popular SunSpider benchmark, though, the third Opera beta still lags behind Firefox 3.5.  Nonetheless, the third beta does offer noticeable speed increases, as well as new customizations.

The exciting thumbnail preview feature, similar to Aero Peek in Windows 7 and a canceled feature of Firefox 3.5, is now customizable and can appear to the right or left and on the top or bottom of the screen.  The browser's crash logger has been improved, as has the turbo mode, a feature which uses Opera's servers to compress data for faster browsing.

The new beta also features improved language support -- 38 languages are now supported.  Other popular features present in the other betas return, including inline spell checking, an integrated email client, and a web feed reader.  The browser also scores a perfect 100 on the challenging Acid3 test, thanks to its strong standards support.

Still, the browser does have its rough edges.  Security is rather poor, though much of Microsoft's protections (such as anti-phishing, and detecting malicious URLs) typically are not needed by more web savvy users (though you can't always count on your friends, family, or a significant other being as knowledgeable). 

Furthermore, some pages that have been designed around the Firefox/IE 8 duopoly may have minor quirks.  For example, dynamically resizing Office-like windows in blogs sometimes experience an odd glitch where they get stuck in an infinite downscroll when the typed text hits the bottom of the box (triggering a resize in Firefox).  Again, this probably isn't the fault of Opera or its rendering engine (Presto), but rather is an unfortunate inevitability of being a smaller player in the browser market.

Nonetheless, Opera 10.0 beta 3 seems a sign of good things to come.  With Opera a leading player in the smartphone browser market, and currently on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DSi, the company appears to be moving in the right direction.  And for experienced users, the new beta, like the last couple, is definitely worth taking for a ride.

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Opera 10 - gets better by the release
By Belard on 8/14/2009 8:49:10 AM , Rating: 2
Nothing to exciting.

The GUI buttons are tweaked again... all for the better. IMHO.

The Home button, a major fix - visually. Its like sticking a Windows98 icon on Windows7. Or the sore looking Windows95 Drive usage pie-chart that hasn't changed, is still in Windows7. Even my cell phone has a modern 3-D like pie-chart more advanced than what is in windows 7.

Anyways. This is one of my first test with BETA 3 hopefully I'll find the last bit of bugs gone... Nope, not quite. Still having problems with the text field (like this one) in which if you have text on the line below, you can't see it until you hit the Enter key.


RE: Opera 10 - gets better by the release
By TheMan876 on 8/14/2009 11:04:11 AM , Rating: 2
I love @ Opera and can't stop using it because i've gotten so used to the mouse gestures. Yes, I have a couple of gesture addons for Firefox, but they don't work the same.

My only problem with Opera is that I have to run Firefox to get a lot sites to work. I can't log into my Sprint account with Opera, Facebook doesn't always work right, Google Maps can be a little quirky. Why does it have so many problems if it has the best standards compatability?

RE: Opera 10 - gets better by the release
By omnicronx on 8/14/2009 11:48:06 AM , Rating: 2
I like the speed of Opera, but there is a learning curve. The basics are easy, but many other things are not. Once you learn how to use it, it is definately a nice browser, but I still can't figure out (don't even know if you can) how to pin RSS feeds to the personal bar.

Without that I won't even think about switching browsers regardless of how fast it is. Importing my FF bookmarks was a complete pain too. FF and IE do it automatically upon start (there is absolutely no excuse for this not being the first step when you first launch the browser), I had to export my FF favorites to html and import them manually to get it to work, even then it put them in a stupid folder format which I had to fix right after. Even worse is it did not import my Opera 9 favorites, and while I know this is still beta, CMON, this is basic stuff here!

And they wonder why new users don't migrate to Opera! Its definitely not a nice experience, and for most people, if they find something they cannot do in the first few minutes they will immediately switch back. So regardless of the bunch of extra features Opera has, unless they can match current features in other browsers they will never gain considerable share.

RE: Opera 10 - gets better by the release
By William Gaatjes on 8/14/2009 11:53:12 AM , Rating: 2
As you mentioned, it is still a beta.

RE: Opera 10 - gets better by the release
By omnicronx on 8/14/2009 12:06:10 PM , Rating: 2
The problems the poster above is experiencing is probably a direct result of this project still being in beta (refined JS engine will always have kinks to work out), but if the features I named are not in Beta 3, they probably won't make it into the final revision either.

(not to mention I don't think you can do these things in 9.* either)

RE: Opera 10 - gets better by the release
By Belard on 8/14/2009 6:27:25 PM , Rating: 3
I think its not all that difficult...

FF saves book marks IN HTML.

And in a multi-user environment, it gives the user which bookmarks the user wants to import.

Oh well..

By omnicronx on 8/14/2009 7:39:52 PM , Rating: 3
Hey i had no problem exporting my bookmarks to html and manually importing them in Opera, but that really was not my point.its not a very user friendly way for someone to migrate from browser to browser.

I'm just sitting here trying to contemplate how a browser with 2% marketshare, in which their market really does not consist of new users but users migrating from other browsers does not have an import tool on first boot! IE8 does it for Firefox, and Firefox does it for IE, why on earth isnt Opera doing exactly the same thing?

I really hope this changes in the final version, but for some reason I doubt it will..

RE: Opera 10 - gets better by the release
By erple2 on 8/17/2009 3:14:03 PM , Rating: 2
Firefox since 3.x no longer saves your bookmarks as html (though they are manually exportable into an html file). They're now stored as a sqlite mini-database. It apparently solves a problem that I don't (but other people might) have. I think it has to do with if you have a significant number (I have about 50-100 and didn't notice any problems) of bookmarks/history items to scan through and display.

I believe that it has to do with the "awesome bar" integration.

By Crank the Planet on 8/17/2009 6:56:48 PM , Rating: 2
FF has been nothing but an Opera copy cat for years. Only in the last year or so have they started to innovate for themselves. I used IE back in the day- left it for Netscape because of security and I liked the interface. I stayed with them for a couple of years then heard about Opera. It was everything I wanted in a browser and more. I've been using Opera for 9 years now. It's been the best and still is. Everything is all included and it just works. It used to have the speed crown and still runs with the best of them. It is usually the most secure of all of them. Bugs are fixed most of the time before you know there is any- which I can't say for any other. I like how you can customize the whole interface from what buttons you want to see and which ones you don't to skins to everything. It's had that capability for what 5-6 years now? Most people don't like change but this one was definitely for the better.

As far as popularity- Why did Nintendo choose it above all the others? Because the rest (suck!) can't do what Opera can in such a small footprint. Do you see Chrome on Cell Phones? No. Do you see Safari on Cell Phones? Only on Apple (they have their own issues). IE? Netscape?

Get real people. Get a real browser.

By vikramsbox on 8/14/2009 8:52:25 PM , Rating: 2
Customize the Opera navigation toolbar- there is an option that lets Opera identify itself as IE/FF at the click of a button. This really works, I've tried it out on many sites that otherwise won't run on Opera's default mode.

By Staples on 8/14/2009 10:49:55 PM , Rating: 2
Sprint stiffs the browser. If it sees Opera, it assumes you are using it on a phone. If you disguise it as IE, it will work just fine. Been using Opera for many years and it works on 95% or more sites that I visit.

Like the browser but I do not like the politics of the company.

RE: Opera 10 - gets better by the release
By eddieroolz on 8/16/2009 2:38:02 AM , Rating: 2
I was a major Opera hater for a long time. They brought all the misery to Microsoft about Internet Explorer in Windows, and I vowed never to use any of their products.

However, I actually tried them and all the other browsers out at one point, because I was going to reformat anyway. I had IE8, Firefox 3.5, Safari, Chrome and Opera 10.0b2 on my Windows 7.

When I reformatted, I reinstalled Firefox 3.5, IE8 and Opera 10.0b2 back on. Why? It's definitely a nice browser. Fast and very rich on features, not like Chrome. And I've never had hangs with Opera, which is a complete difference from Chrome, which froze on Facebook, the first site I went to with that browser. Wouldn't scroll for the life of it. Opera kept working nicely and never caused any troubles.

The only quirk I have is the non-industry standard keyboard controls. Shift+Ctrl+Click to open a new tab in the background is definitely not a standard control. I also do not appreciate the amount of space the UI is hogging with its extra-thick tab bar and irremovable things. Firefox has an extension that lets me remove it, and IE8 lets me hide it.

But in the end, Opera was one of the browsers I kept after the reinstall. Chrome? Safari? Pheh, no way.

RE: Opera 10 - gets better by the release
By WTFzilla on 8/17/2009 12:20:58 PM , Rating: 2
"extra-thick tab bar and irremovable things"

Um, the tab bar is as slim as any other browser, and the main menu has been removable for ages. In fact, there's an option to remove it in the File menu!

By Fritzr on 8/17/2009 7:53:07 PM , Rating: 2
Currently using Opera 9.51

Main Menu (File, Edit, View...) and the title bar are not removable. All other toolbars including the open tabs display are optional. All bars can be resized for easier reading make them bigger, to gain screen space make them smaller. Click Tools->Appearance->Skins Then set Icon Size to your desired value.

On the separate bookmark import issue Opera 9.51 has several browser specific import options.

May have changed in 10, but 9.51 can import Netscape/Firefox bookmarks. Click File->Import and Export->{Bookmark type to import/export}

No Thanks...
By OCDude on 8/14/2009 9:58:26 AM , Rating: 1
I'll never try Opera again. I'm not going to support a company that whines like a baby because they cant achieve market share on their own.

RE: No Thanks...
By Norseman4 on 8/14/2009 5:34:50 PM , Rating: 2
I'll try 10 when it's out of beta, but their whining got me looking for FF plugins that would match the functionality in Opera that I had come to rely upon.

Once I found those, FF was/is my primary browser of choice for both personal and work (formerly IE)

All-in-One Gestures, disabling everything but rocker gestures for dimple mouse-click navigation
Speed Dial - which blows the Opera 9.(whatever) version out of the water.
Firebug - What ever made me think that the Opera version was any good?

(Opera had been my primary personal browser for many years, between O and IE(at the time) there was no comparison other than O was better.)

RE: No Thanks...
By comnut on 8/18/2009 6:44:50 PM , Rating: 2
well when you find all plugins to make opera do what opera does, then I might think of using FF for more than just 5% of the time... eg..

Have you heard of cascade, minimize, tile, restore, n
maximize ?? linux, windows and mac will do this with its windows, and Opera will also, with the web pages it has open inside - very helpful for organizing pages to compare, and other stuff..
Firefox needs a plugin just to do the above!!!!

and before you groan, I usually have up to 100 tabs open, and tanks to tab preview I can see the contents of all of them with out clicking through menus as in FF..

spelling - no need to even download and activate it, Opera has it already going (it checks your system language, no need for you to have find one yourself, like in FF..)

themes/skins... sure you can download them for FF, but Opera is open to customization straight away - all parts are movable & changeable!!

look at this list..

RE: No Thanks...
By jonmcc33 on 8/15/2009 4:03:19 PM , Rating: 2
That's because their product doesn't offer anything special. The last time I tried it out a few years ago it was highly annoying.

RE: No Thanks...
By WTFzilla on 8/17/2009 12:22:16 PM , Rating: 2
I'm not going to support a company that whines like a baby

What, you mean like Mozilla?

Or Microsoft and Google? Both of them have filed antitrust complaints against each other and other companies, remember.

But could you give me one specific example of Opera "whining"?

By toyotabedzrock on 8/14/2009 2:37:32 PM , Rating: 2
Opera is the most secure browser, they fix bugs faster and have less of them in the first place.

Also they check each site you visit against 2 phishing protection lists, and , they also use a malware detection list from

By omnicronx on 8/14/2009 2:59:36 PM , Rating: 2
they fix bugs faster and have less of them in the first place.
That's great and all, but really this is not a very good gauge at how secure the browser is. Limited share always means you will have less people trying to exploit your software.(Apple is just finding this out now)

As for phishing, every study I have seen show IE and Firefox topping the anti phishing charts.

By jonmcc33 on 8/15/2009 4:02:07 PM , Rating: 2
No browser is secure. Once you browse the internet it is no longer secure.

Opera Loyal but giving firefox a spin
By Roffles on 8/14/2009 7:04:31 PM , Rating: 3
I've been using Opera for a long long time. The reason I chose Opera over Firefox is simple; I found myself installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling plug-ins over and over again in a huge effort to EQUAL what I was getting from Opera. Sometimes I would have two, three or sometimes more plug-ins to choose from. One plug-in would crash the browser or didn't work smoothly and I would uninstall and try another etcetera etcetera. It became a cumbersome effort and eventually a waste of I gave up on Firefox.

Fast forward to today. I have decided to give Firefox another try because it's been a few years and the browser has obviously advanced significantly since then. Right off the bat I can tell you that my problem with Firefox is still the plug-ins. I know there is a plug-in for everything that equals Opera and more. I'm sure all the poorly designed plug-ins have been weeded out. But the plug-ins are not cohesive. Every plug-in feels like it was coded by someone different and I feel like I'm using a Jekyll and Hyde browser. There is no uniformity. I'll keep tweaking Firefox, but I'm telling you now that I have no idea why Opera has no market share when it gives you everything you want in a small package and it's coded and implemented so nicely.

I am going to spend some serious time getting the correct plug-ins installed and see if my final result is enough to get me to start using Firefox again. This is mainly because a lot of HTTPS websites deny me when I use Opera. And even though it's not Opera's fault, I'm tired of launching IE for those random websites that don't support Opera. But for the record, Opera does it all without any messing around.

By Fritzr on 8/17/2009 11:31:51 PM , Rating: 2
When you hit those HTTPS sites try masking as IE. As long as the site is asking you what browser you are using so they can cut you off if you give the wrong answer, then Opera will work just fine while the website thinks your browser is IE. You can also mask as FF if you hit a website that prefers the Fox :P

To mask press F12 (or select Tools->Quick Preferences)->Edit Site Preferences->select tab Network under Browser Identification choose your costume. You set the URL you are going to lie to under the General tab.

You can also set your reaction to popups on a site specific basis here if you go to a site that requires you to see things in popup windows.

You can "Identify" as Opera/FireFox/Internet Explorer
or you can "Mask" as FireFox or Internet Explorer

as long as the site doesn't use Active X, or other browser specific function, Opera will work quite well and the website will happily add a hit from an FF or IE user to it's browser usage stats :P

This function will reduce the reported market share of Opera since using it causes the stat gatherers to count you as an FF or IE fan, but since your concern is getting past that browser brand filter, that is of little concern :)

Opera profile
By T2k on 8/14/2009 11:44:49 AM , Rating: 2
Opera manages everything through your online profiles - I, for one, will never trust them after seeing their truly arrogant behavior throughout the years (see debate about HTML emails etc.)

RE: Opera profile
By WTFzilla on 8/17/2009 12:23:24 PM , Rating: 2
I, for one, will never trust them after seeing their truly arrogant behavior throughout the years (see debate about HTML emails etc.)

What "arrogant behavior" exactly? Got a couple of examples?

HTML emails, eh? You are aware that Opera 10 can send HTML mail, right?

Maybe they can sue
By overlandpark4me on 8/17/2009 7:48:32 PM , Rating: 2
another browser company if they consistently top them in speed. After all, we know that the "reason" Opera is getting trounced is because of Microsoft and their unfair advantage with the OS link. This would explain why Firefox is......Oops

Hey, my tongue just found my cheek.

RE: Maybe they can sue
By comnut on 8/18/2009 11:25:27 AM , Rating: 2
hmph... they never bothered when FF stole their tabs.... and when FF stole their speeddial and massively improved on it...

and yes, I have always wondered why FF continues to work, even when they make large changes to the plumbing, that makes opera barf....

By FaceTheSlayer on 8/14/2009 11:13:46 AM , Rating: 2
Opera has anti-phishing since 2006.

And this is not to be forgotten: in just 5,5 Megabytes Opera offers you the browser, fully functional e-mail client, rss reader, irc client, news client, bittorrent support, widgets support, etc etc.

My Favorite
By MaxxxRacer on 8/14/2009 9:49:36 PM , Rating: 2
Back in 2003 I first head of Opera when my friend told me about it. I brushed him off at first, but soon gave it a try. I was instantly hooked, and have not used another browser since. By far the best browser out there, and most likely the safest (due to malware being written for IE and no more so for FF).

By DanielHen on 8/15/2009 7:21:56 PM , Rating: 2
The rest of the improvements will feature bug fixes (that is the only thing)

Also you are showing a screenshot from Opera 10 Beta 1 not Beta 3. There were changes to the look.

And still nobody uses it
By BioRebel on 8/14/09, Rating: -1
RE: And still nobody uses it
By Iger on 8/14/2009 9:57:48 AM , Rating: 2
I'll keep using Opera. Now what was your point..?

RE: And still nobody uses it
By omnicronx on 8/14/2009 11:03:30 AM , Rating: 1
I think his point is pretty clear, you are the minority. Chrome was only released last year and already has more users than Opera.

RE: And still nobody uses it
By PrinceGaz on 8/14/2009 11:40:09 AM , Rating: 3
Probably because anyone who has Google as their home page and use IE gets a link recommending them to install Chrome. My father (a computer novice) asked me if he should click on it when he saw it-- if I hadn't told him to ignore it, he would be using Chrome as well by now. A lot of Chrome users are probably IE users who assumed it was a good idea to use that link from Google.

People who use Opera on their desktop system are almost always doing so as a result of a deliberate informed choice, rather than clicking a link and not even realising why their browser looks a bit different afterwards.

Anyway, it is in the mobile field where Opera is most concerned about, and it is doing very well there. I just wish it were available for my iTouch... grrr, stupid Apple.

RE: And still nobody uses it
By omnicronx on 8/14/2009 12:03:33 PM , Rating: 2
That's half the problem, Opera does not actively advertise their browser. Opera could have teamed up with say Yahoo years ago. Little do most people know, it is actually the oldest gui based browser still in production (yes its older than Netscape and IE). That's 15+ years and hardly anyone knows about them, and thats just in inexcusable.

They obviously have some very good programmers, but their marketing department might as well be non existent.
Anyway, it is in the mobile field where Opera is most concerned about
Can't agree more, Opera mobile is showing great promise and is definitely the best mobile browser available. Can't wait for a refined version of Opera 9.7 to come out, as it is blazing fast, even on old hardware and definitely blows mobile Safari and other webkit based browsers out of the water.(9.7 renders faster on my Diamond with an older lower clocked processor than the 3GS). 9.7's rendering is pretty amazing at the different zoom levels too, quick, and amazing formatting that no other mobile browser can touch right now.

RE: And still nobody uses it
By T2k on 8/14/2009 11:30:36 PM , Rating: 1
Little do most people know,

...perhaps because it's not true at all ...?


it is actually the oldest gui based browser still in production (yes its older than Netscape and IE).

Complete and utter BS - Opera debuted in 1996, TWO YEARS AFTER Netscape and a YEAR AFTER IE .


That's 15+ years and hardly anyone knows about them, and thats just in inexcusable.

Porbably because it is NOT TRUE at all, as I said...

Just like Netscape Opera also grown out of a research project started in 1994, TWO YEARS AFTER Mosaic's (predecessor of Netscape) development started at NCSA and a whole year after NCSA Mosaic, the world's SECOND GUI browser - first was TBL's WorldWideWeb in 1991 running on Next - debuted.

I'm from Europe but I had enough of all this deliberate BS mis-information campaign that's lately flooding from the Opera camp.

RE: And still nobody uses it
By WTFzilla on 8/17/2009 12:26:38 PM , Rating: 2
That's half the problem, Opera does not actively advertise their browser.

Actually, they do.

Opera could have teamed up with say Yahoo years ago.

They did. But all their users complained about it, so they had to switch back to Google for searches.

That's 15+ years and hardly anyone knows about them, and thats just in inexcusable.

That's just nonsense. Opera has only been free of charge for 3 or so years. It has 40-50 million desktop users, and is also the dominant mobile browser. And so on.

RE: And still nobody uses it
By comnut on 8/23/2009 7:28:11 PM , Rating: 2
That's half the problem, Opera does not actively advertise their browser.
Actually, they do.

well how about an example??? eg, one that is NOT on the web???? I see plenty for others, but none for opera, except maybe an article about it once every year or two in a big mag (not in a smaller one...)

RE: And still nobody uses it
By WTFzilla on 8/17/2009 12:27:48 PM , Rating: 2
Anyway, it is in the mobile field where Opera is most concerned about

WRONG. They are fully focused on the desktop as well. In fact, the desktop version makes up 1/3 of their total revenue! And their desktop revenue has increased more than 100% several quarters in a row.

RE: And still nobody uses it
By WTFzilla on 8/17/2009 12:24:43 PM , Rating: 2
Chrome does not have more users than Opera:

In fact, in Europe Opera has more users than Safari and Chrome combined.

Also, Chrome has been spammed all over the web, on all Google's sites, and through AdSense. And yet it has failed to even make a dent in Firefox's market share.

RE: And still nobody uses it
By invidious on 8/14/2009 10:09:42 AM , Rating: 2
Was the point of your comment to inform us that you are a closed minded tool? If you arent'y interested in making an educated choice thats fine, keep it to yourself.

RE: And still nobody uses it
By omnicronx on 8/14/2009 11:11:13 AM , Rating: 2
Stupid comment yes, baseless comment, no.. Opera share has remained stagnant for the last 5 years, reaching no more than a little over 2%, mainly because of its massive use in Russia.

RE: And still nobody uses it
By WTFzilla on 8/17/2009 12:30:29 PM , Rating: 2
Opera share has remained stagnant for the last 5 years, reaching no more than a little over 2%

Wrong, wrong wrong.

Opera wasn't even a completely free download 5 years ago.

The fact is that Opera became free and without ads only 3 or so years ago. Since they went free, their desktop user base has soared.

Opera's desktop user base has more than DOUBLED in 2 years. It is currently the #3 browser worldwide:

In Europe it's #3 and bigger than Safari and Chrome combined:

Their desktop revenue has increased by more than 100% for several quarters as well. So clearly they are gaining a lot of new users.

RE: And still nobody uses it
By comnut on 8/23/2009 8:33:25 PM , Rating: 2
hmmm, you seem to be in the pay of statcounter... how about the others, to ensure it is not 'rigged' ???

(Hey I'm not saying believe it, but when it is like comparing a BUS to a SkyScraper, you can see the difference...)

this one goes back to 2002!

this one goes back to 2007...

this guy shows how results dont mean that much...

But to use your fav, look at the detail...

1.5 DOUBLED is still only 3...(I guess Acid3 pass did that?) Pity it then went right back down soon after....(users got sick of time wasted on a new feature, instead of bugs/compatibility fixed...)

and your claim is only true between for the may/june 2009 period.. chrome creeps up from 2.8 to 3.3, while guess what has dropped to 2.6.... I predict another jump when V10 crawls out, depending very much on the compatibility issues, though....

By Bateluer on 8/14/09, Rating: -1
RE: Addons?
By invidious on 8/14/2009 10:28:27 AM , Rating: 5
One could easily make the argument that a browser should include such convinience features in the default program. Opera does this for everything important including ad blocking. The extent to which FF needs addons is the extent to which the program is lacking.

RE: Addons?
By rdeegvainl on 8/14/2009 10:45:38 AM , Rating: 4
One can also easily make the argument that the extra features should be addons so as to let the user decide which they want, and cut down on bloat, while simultaniuosly allowing the community to make features they want available without having to wait on a companies timeline for releasing updates.

RE: Addons?
By WTFzilla on 8/17/2009 12:31:06 PM , Rating: 2
One can also easily make the argument that the extra features should be addons so as to let the user decide which they want, and cut down on bloat

Yeah, that's funny you know. Even with all that functionality, Opera is still smaller than everyone else!

RE: Addons?
By omnicronx on 8/14/2009 11:01:33 AM , Rating: 1
FF was built as an extendable platform, it was designed that way. That being said, while Opera may include those features, they are definitely lacking compared to Firefox extensions.

I tried to ditch FF for Opera and found myself back with FF within a week because of such. Operas presto is damn fast, but overall Firefox 3.5 is the better browser IMO.

RE: Addons?
By vikramsbox on 8/14/2009 8:59:45 PM , Rating: 2
FF extentions were intended to keep the package compact while allowing scope for future functionality. But just see the size of the installers of FF and Opera. Opera has the better base package with email client + torrent client and its smaller in size!
Also FF's shell that is left open for extentions allow many sites to force open windows instead of tabs and hide the navigation bar- which they can't do with Opera. And Opera has cool features like auto page fit, zoom, speed dial and also one feature hidden in the toolbar costomization where it identifies itself as IE/FF to sites to render them correctly.
All the options are available in the menus instead of the cryptic about:config like FF.
I'd rather have a more robust and comfortable browser than FF putty that mends to every sites' wishes.

RE: Addons?
By joey2264 on 8/14/2009 11:47:00 AM , Rating: 2
As others have mentioned, Adblocking is built-in, and fantastic. Flashblock can be easily added (although you have to configure for specific websites using a text file instead of in the program). Noscript can't be added, but every time I have tried to use that in Firefox, I have encountered problems. Far more trouble than its worth, IMHO.

And Opera still feels a little faster in real world use. Not to mention how much faster it is when zoomed in. Better mouse gestures, excellent speed dial feature (faster and better integrated than the firefox addons).

Yes, some features of some sites don't work, but you can still do 95% of your browsing in Opera, and be the better for it, IMO.

RE: Addons?
By Sazar on 8/14/2009 12:16:39 PM , Rating: 1
Yes and no.

I like the customization options in FF, no doubt. But, in terms of interface, I think Chrome has it won hands-down (my FF build is completely redesigned to look and perform just like Chrome).

Opera offers the best of both worlds with a relatively clean build and a pretty good amount of speed. However, Opera offers by far the BEST implementation of Speed-dial.

Chrome's is not bad, the Firefox extensions attempting to duplicate the features SUCK. It's basically like going from a DX9/10 game with all the features turned on and dialing it all the way back to a DX7 game. Just abysmal duplication :(

At least the functionality is there.

"We basically took a look at this situation and said, this is bullshit." -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng's take on patent troll Soverain

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