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According to sources, a Russian security researcher going by the alias Dark Purple developed a USB flash-drive that could destroy components on a computer’s motherboard when plugged in.

Dark Purple has now developed the second generation of his USB device called USB Killer Version 2.0 which can completely damage any computer.

Photo Source: USB Kill

The USB drive is designed to discharge -220V through a computer’s USB port.  USB Killer 2.0 collects power from the host computer’s USB power lines and then discharges that energy back into the USB data lines. The entire process takes only a few seconds to fry a computer’s motherboard severely damaging the entire system unit.

Motherboards typically come with overcurrent protective measures, but USB Killer 2.0 simply continues the process of rapid charging and discharging until either the stick dies or the computer dies.

Here is what seems to be actual footage of Dark Purple destroying his new Lenovo ThinkPad X60 using his USB Killer thumb drive.

First Gen USB Killer being used to destroy a laptop.

USB Killer v2.0 is now nicely packaged and sold by a Hong Kong company for 49,95 € / $56.10 online.  For 13.95 € / $15.67, the company also sells a USB Kill Tester Shield that allows users to test their laptops without destroying them.

USB Kill Test Shield

Phot Source: USB Kill

Here is footage of USB Test Shield and USB Kill 2.0 in action. 


The company markets the product as a device designed for testing purposes only and strongly condemns malicious use of its products.

Nonetheless, USB Killer is currently out of stock with new stock becoming available on 9/14/2016.

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