Obama says he'll purchase a Volt when his time in office is up

The Chevrolet Volt was a target for many during its gestation period and even after it hit American roads. Many criticized its lofty price tag that is offset with a $7,500 tax credit. Others saw it as the poster child for President Barack Obama’s energy policies and his support for green initiatives. It also didn’t help that NHTSA testing showed that Volts could catch fire after a side-impact crash.
However, President Obama today stated that he would put his money where his mouth is once he leaves office. "Five years from now when I'm not president anymore, I'll buy one and drive it myself," said President Obama in a speech to members of the United Auto Workers today. "Yes, that's right."
President Obama "drove" a Volt about 10 feet forward at a manufacturing plant back in 2010. The Secret Service wouldn't allow President Obama to drive any further for security reasons.

President Obama's "test drive" of a Chevrolet Volt back in 2010
"If the president is still interested in buying a Volt upon leaving office, we recommend a test drive of more than 10 feet," said GM spokesman Greg Martin.
Obama has a history of purchasing vehicles from American auto companies. He used to own a Jeep Cherokee, and while in the U.S. Senate he drove a Chrysler 300C. However, once Obama's presidential aspirations kicked in, he switched from the Chrysler 300 to decidedly "greener" Ford Escape Hybrid.
The only question that remains now is if Obama will be grabbing the keys to a brand new Volt in 2013 or 2017.

GM recently restarted Volt production after a holiday hiatus. The company will also be making available a special Low Emissions Package that will net California buyers an extra $1,500 tax credit.

Source: Detroit News

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