Peru buys 260,000 XO laptops from the OLPC Foundation

Not so long ago things weren’t looking good for the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) foundation. The non-profit organization was founded with the goal of providing poor children in developing nation’s laptop computers. These laptops would be used to help poor children access the educational opportunities online students enjoy in developed nations.

The OLPC has its share of problems, most recently with a patent suit filed in a Nigerian court by a Nigerian company called Lagos Analysis Corp over the design of the OLPC keyboard. Since the OLPC XO notebook finally entered production, it has had to fight with rival Intel for the market that it envisioned.

The Boston Globe reports that Peru has placed an order for 260,000 XO notebooks. Nicholas Negroponte, who founded the OLPC foundation, told The Boston Globe, “It [the Peruvian order] was notarized five minutes ago.”

The OLPC hopes to build on this momentum and announced that Carlos Slim, Mexican billionaire, has purchased 50,000 of the XO notebooks for distribution in Mexico.

Peru now joins ranks of XO owning nations like Uruguay. It wouldn’t be out of the question for the Peruvian sale to falter in the closing hours -- Intel was previously able to steal an order form the OLPC placed by Libya. Libya had reportedly agreed to buy one million XO laptops, but purchased the Intel Classmate PCs instead.

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