Brazil interested, Thailand pulls out

The OLPC organization recently announced that it has received support from Brazil. The government of Brazil is requesting roughly 50 test units of the XO machine to see if it can be a tool worth deploying in schools and in areas with limited access to technology. As of right now, production on the XO machines have not yet started. The organization is still waiting for more significant orders to be placed before production can start.

Despite some positive progress for the OLPC project, Thailand announced this week that it is no longer interested in the OLPC project. According to reports from within Thailand, the overall impression of the XO is that it is more of a toy than a useful educational tool. However, Thailand isn't completing dismissing the concept of the OLPC, only the XO machine itself. The government made it clear that it plans to pursue its own course of action on how to develop a computer for children.

Interestingly, Thailand was one of the original countries to quickly hop aboard the OLPC wagon when it was announced. Thailand's previous Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra originally awarded the deal to the OLPC organization, claiming that it would freely distribute the machines at no cost to users. Shinawatra originally praised the XO, saying that he believed it would be more effective than traditional books.

Since Shinawatra's departure from government however, things have turned around. Some citizens believe that the direction the new government is heading in is based on ego and not actual economics.

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