Here are all the rumors about the Apple’s iPhone 8 this time. As soon as iPhone 7 and 7Plus hit the market gadget lovers immediately began to speculate on Apple’s upcoming iPhone release, perhaps the iPhone 8.

Although it is not clear to us the next Apple’s iPhone updates or the name, but based on the history of Apple iPhone’s it’s reasonable to say that Apple will release” 8”

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There is possibility this announcement set for the iPhone’s tenth outstanding anniversary. All the rumors are moving around, is that the next iPhone release may come sooner that expected.  According to some in the know, the new iPhone features a wrap around OLED display similar to the Samsung’s Galaxy flagships.

Another change may happen is that iPhone display takes up entire front-side of the device. The all-screen, edge –to-edge display is less likely, Apple would not just go for premium cost for technology unless makes a big improvement. 
Also there have been talks that the next iPhone’s front-facing camera being embedded behind the display and hidden from sight. Wireless charging was a topic of conversations and always Rumors has it, ‘that Apple already made a deal with Energous Company’, which develop a wireless charging system that charges device with in fifteen feet from their source.   Everything else still possibilities such as:  being foldable – red iPhone 8 – headphone jack. For all we know Apple is just covering its bases for future hardware possibilities.
LG admits premium display fails near wi-fi
Electronics company LG has admitted its new premium –price computer displays experience” performance issues” when placed near a wi-fi router.

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Security firms ‘overstate hackers’ abilities to boost sales
Computer security companies have been accused of “massively” exaggerating the abilities of malicious hackers. Dr. Ian Levy, technical director of the UK’s National Cyber Security Center, made the accusation in a speech. BBC 
He criticized security companies’ marketing materials for representing hackers as hugely skilled masterminds and for the hyperbolic language they used to describe cyberthreats.
Apple to have ‘exclusive manufacturer’ for iPhones in India: Report 
An assembly plant being set up with Apple and Taiwanese manufacturing partner Wistron Corp in Bengaluru.
Oppo saw 133% growth due to camera-focused smartphones: Report
A camera-centric product range paired with premium design helped Chinese phonemaker Oppo see a 133% year –on – year growth maintaining fourth spot in smartphone brand
Mozilla gives up on firefox OS; lays off team

the report also claims that Ari Jaaksi senior vice president of the particular section and Bertrand Neveux director of group’s software, are leaving.
 EnBW, Bosch to collaborate for developing batteries
German utility EnBW said that it would cooperate with car supplier Bosch on the development of batteries for the energy market.

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
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