No mobile phones during 100-day mourning period

North Korea is in a period of mourning, which will last for 100 days, for its deceased former leader Kim Jong-il. Officials in the country have laid down the law for citizens during that 100-day period -- there will be some stern consequences for the “unfathomable” offense of talking on a cell phone, and defecting to other countries like China is not an option.
North Korea has warned that any captured defectors will be treated as war criminals. Along with those defectors, anyone caught talking on a mobile phone will be considered a war criminal as well.

The punishment for defectors will be levied against those that are caught trying to flee North Korea and those that are caught in China and sent back across the border. The warning comes after there has reportedly been an increase in the number of people attempting to jump the border. Food is again said to be scarce in the region and the defections are rising.
Some of the defectors eventually cross into South Korea. There are said to be 23,000 North Koreans now living in South Korea.
Apparently, the reason for the ban on mobile phone use is that officials in North Korea fear people calling in from outside the country might tell the population that conditions are better in other countries and lead to more people attempting to defect.
Former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il died on December 17, 2011 from a heart attack and was replaced as leader by his son, Kim Jong-un. 

Source: Telegraph

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