They'll be available in April

Nokia is out to help the forgetful with tags that pair with your smartphone and alert you when you've left without your phone, keys, wallet or any other essentials behind.

According to Nokia, its Treasure Tags sync with your phone via NFC or Bluetooth to communicate where your items are located. The tags themselves, which are about the size of a matchbox, physically clip to any items of your choice.

The tags make use of Nokia's HERE location services, so when you leave your house without an item that contains a Treasure Tag, a loud tone will alert you of the forgotten item. Follow the tone to find your keys, wallet or whatever has a tag on it. 

But if you're not within earshot of the tone, the Nokia Treasure Tag app on your phone will show you where the item is on a map. 

Can't decide which items to tag? No worries, you can choose up to four tags that will sync with your phone, and each will have its own icon or photo to help you differentiate. The app can also give each item its own Live Tile on your Start screen. 

But Nokia doesn't want to annoy you if you intentionally leave something behind. Just mute the alarm or put the tag in sleep mode via the app. 

If you're a Nokia Lumia user with the latest Lumia Black update, you're good to go. But the tags aren't only available for Lumias; Android and iOS users will get third-party apps for the tags as well. 

The tags, which have a six-month battery life and come in color options of cyan, yellow, white and black, won't be available until April. Nokia said the suggested retail price is $29.90 USD. 

Source: Nokia

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