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Nokia has a little bit of fun with Apple's iPhone 4

Apple may have sold over 1.7 million iPhone 4's during its initial launch, but that doesn't mean everyone is satisfied. Over the past week, there have been numerous reports popping up regarding reception problems with the iPhone 4 when held left-handed.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs boldly proclaimed "Just avoid holding it that way" in an email when a new iPhone 4 customer inquired about how to resolve the problem.

Nokia is now getting in on the action with a posting on its official blog, Nokia Conversations. Nokia points out that its users have a number of ways of holding their phones, and points out four of the most popular: Thumb and Finger, The Cup, The Balance, and The Four-edge Grip.

The Cup is the method that has been nicknamed the "Death Grip" by owners of the iPhone 4 which is the root of the reception problems. Nokia describes that it is "Popular with smaller devices, and typically comfortable for longer phone calls, the cup basically enables you to cup the phone with your whole hand.

"This might result in much of the phone’s edges being covered and the back of the device sitting snugly in the palm of your hand – but don’t be concerned about this, it won’t impact the device’s performance."

Nokia goes on to stay that these four methods of holding a phone result in no signal degradation, and that "The key function on any Nokia device is its ability to make phone calls. After all, that’s why we know them universally as mobile phones."

Now all of this may seem silly in the grand scheme of things, but Nokia is looking to pour a little gasoline on the iPhone 4 “reception” fire. With Nokia finding itself on the losing end of the high-end smartphone market, it probably needs all the help it can get.

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As well they should
By Motoman on 6/28/2010 12:59:00 PM , Rating: 5
Anyone idiotic enough to produce a phone that can't make phone calls when held "the wrong way" deserves nothing but brutal mockery.

As does anyone stupid enough to buy said device and/or defend it as being "OK."

Such as Pirks. I'm sure his stupidity with darken this post any second now...

RE: As well they should
By Sazabi19 on 6/28/2010 1:14:24 PM , Rating: 2
Please, do not forget Reader1. The Pirks does have a few intelligent things to say once every blue moon, though I'm afraid I just cant say the same about Reader1 :(

RE: As well they should
By quiksilvr on 6/28/2010 1:38:34 PM , Rating: 5
Isn't it amazing that we notice bad commentators more than good ones? I guess it has to do with the red bar that shows up. How about a green bar for 5 ratings and a mystery color for 6 (like hot pink! :O)

RE: As well they should
By Motoman on 6/28/2010 1:50:02 PM , Rating: 2
Posts that get the magic 6 have their title bar in green.

They are rare - I think only a DT moderator can assign a 6. I believe I've only had one ever...

RE: As well they should
By hyvonen on 6/28/2010 2:55:06 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah; the point was that those getting a 5 deserve a green title bar, and those getting a 6 deserve something even more magical

RE: As well they should
By Motoman on 6/28/2010 3:12:37 PM , Rating: 2
Oh. Actually, since the 5 can be given just by random joes on the interweb, I am not sure that I would vote for that.

At any rate, the rating that post gets (and/or a poster's overall rating) isn't necessarily indicitive of "truth." It's indicative of more people agreeing with him than disagreeing with him.

Basically a popularity contest. Plenty of times, the wrong idea wins in a popularity contest. But, such is life.

RE: As well they should
By pattycake0147 on 6/28/2010 7:41:13 PM , Rating: 3
True the 5 can be voted on by anybody, but so can the red for a -1. The point here being made is the 5 and -1 should have a color that can be achieved through standard voting, and the 6 should also have it's own color that can be given by the moderators.

Maybe we could even have a -2 rating given by the moderators as well. It could be pretty funny to see it occasionally during the ranting arguments that tend to occur here.

RE: As well they should
By quiksilvr on 6/28/2010 10:04:38 PM , Rating: 2
I also feel that rating averages should dictate how much you comment.

For instance, suppose an advertising company created a few accounts and started spamming the threads. We would give them -1s but it still doesn't stop them from trolling (FAKE AND GAY!).

RE: As well they should
By Omega215D on 6/29/2010 3:29:04 AM , Rating: 3
There you go using that word magical...

So I'm guessing a bar that's as yellow as the iphone's?

RE: As well they should
By Smartless on 6/28/2010 2:55:33 PM , Rating: 2
Hehe well Hot pink dude, that's.. uhmm nothing to shoot for. But by the same token, since there are 8 colors why not assign one for each rating. Though I'd like to see the negative bar go into the -2 category or even -5 category just to see how much reader1 is hated.

As for this cell phone reception thing... Well I guess I'm not getting an iPhone4 but Nokia's comment doesn't make me go "OH WOW I can do that with a Nokia phone?" Makes them look dumber. Maybe an iPhone4s or a Samsung Captivate.

RE: As well they should
By Motoman on 6/28/2010 3:14:29 PM , Rating: 4
You know what will be dumber?

The iPhone 5 will have this awesome new feature where you can *gasp* HOLD IT ANYWAY YOU WANT TO!

And the Macolytes will all be like ZOMG THAT IS THE GREATEST THING EVAR AND IT IS SHINY!

And they'll sell a billion of them on the first day.

RE: As well they should
By tigz1218 on 6/28/2010 3:34:45 PM , Rating: 1
Sometimes when a post is really good, the moderators should crank it up to...11!

RE: As well they should
By marvdmartian on 6/28/2010 4:16:00 PM , Rating: 2
The funny part, as someone pointed out on another forum, is that this was probably never caught by the Apple employees who tested the new iphone, because the company had a shell on the phone that made it look like the 3rd version, and thus kept anyone from being able to short out the antenna by holding the phone in the wrong way.

Gee, I guess even the Dark Lord of the Fruit has his bad days, huh??

RE: As well they should
By damianrobertjones on 6/29/2010 3:20:48 AM , Rating: 2
Nope. A prof informed them of the problem. There's a post here or on Toms ertc

RE: As well they should
By Tony Swash on 6/28/10, Rating: -1
RE: As well they should
By Motoman on 6/28/2010 8:48:05 PM , Rating: 2
Presumably that applies across the board.

It does. But I don't see any CEOs denying that the problem exists, or rabid fanbois trying to insist that it's "OK" that way.

RE: As well they should
By jvillaro on 6/28/2010 10:38:57 PM , Rating: 2
You fool! You call yourself a <STRIKE>sheep</STRIKE> member of the Holy Church of Jobs?!
How dare you compare the iPhone 4 with those puny phones!
The iPhone does not have reception problems like these so called phones! The iPhone entertains you by MAGICALLY making your signal bars disappear!!!
I can't believe my eyes! The horror! I make this magic phone with this incredible feature and you don't get it!
Maybe the iPhone is just ahead of it's time...
Or maybe I have to get me new <STRIKE>sheeps</STRIKE> members (I always forget), because you, pirks and reader1 are just to dumb!

RE: As well they should
By chick0n on 6/28/2010 11:22:09 PM , Rating: 2
how could you forget reader1 ?

RE: As well they should
By Motoman on 6/29/2010 12:16:26 PM , Rating: 3
...why would you want to remember him?

iPhone 4 users
By Etern205 on 6/28/2010 1:15:48 PM , Rating: 4
RE: iPhone 4 users
By yomamafor1 on 6/28/2010 1:45:37 PM , Rating: 5
RE: iPhone 4 users
By EricMartello on 6/28/2010 1:54:03 PM , Rating: 4
The "guys" in those pics may not have good signal bars, but their emo-douche bars are off the scale.

RE: iPhone 4 users
By Etern205 on 6/28/2010 3:45:56 PM , Rating: 2
The two dudes is cosplaying the character L from DeathNote, which is how he holds the phone and yes the emo-douche bars have shattered the Richter scale.

RE: iPhone 4 users
By Camikazi on 6/28/2010 3:41:03 PM , Rating: 1
Woo L! Love Death Note :)

Happy iPhone 4 User Here
By wgbutler on 6/28/2010 4:39:42 PM , Rating: 2
I have the iPhone 4 and absolutely love it. It's an amazing device. 15 years ago I never would have dreamed of someday owning something like this.

But I do agree that the issue with the antenna is a complete PR disaster for Apple. I am unaffected by it because I bought a pretty nice case. The case doesn't add much to the size, looks very stylish, and I would have bought something like this anyway because I like to protect my expensive smartphones. And it completely stops the antenna issue from being a problem.

I do not consider myself an Apple fanboy and I think Job's comment was very flippant and makes him and Apple look bad. I think Apple should offer free cases to any iPhone 4 user who wants one and full refunds for the product after coming clean with the public about the design flaw.

To be honest, I am more irritated at Apple for not making a 64GB model than I am for the antenna issue. I realize that they did this so they will have a compelling reason for people to upgrade next year. I realize the business model, and its effectiveness, but it still annoys me.

Long live Android. I'm really glad that there is competition out there to keep the companies innovating. I predict in 5 years smart phones will be so powerful that the only reason to buy laptops will just be for the extra screen space and larger keyboards.

RE: Happy iPhone 4 User Here
By piroroadkill on 6/28/2010 7:18:31 PM , Rating: 3
You shouldn't be asking for a 64GB version, you should be asking for a MicroSD slot.

RE: Happy iPhone 4 User Here
By Motoman on 6/29/2010 12:17:19 PM , Rating: 3
That would require critical thinking skills. Which would disqualify you from Apple product ownership in the first place...

RE: Happy iPhone 4 User Here
By wgbutler on 6/29/2010 1:42:35 PM , Rating: 2

That would require critical thinking skills. Which would disqualify you from Apple product ownership in the first place...

Behold the mentality of internet fanboism. Buy X product or don't buy Y product or else you lack critical thinking skills.

It never ceases to amaze me that people waste their emotional energy hating a particular product or company. If you don't like a particular product, then don't buy it. In a couple of years no one will care about the iPhone 4 or Evo 4G anymore. They will have long since been replaced by newer and better models.

For me the iPhone works and is a better product for a variety of reasons, not all of which are related to the technological design of the product. I'll just list a few of them.

1) The majority of my friends/in-laws/family are on the AT&T network which gives all of us unlimited minutes when we call each other.
2) In my particular area the AT&T network gives me faster Internet access than Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint, which is important to me.
3) I have a sizable investment in iTunes content, including iPhone apps, that by and large I am very happy with and I have no desire to start over on another platform.

Furthermore, the iPhone platform is a very polished and well supported platform, that compares very favorably to the competitors.

So in order for me to switch mobile platforms the alternative platform would have to have several compelling advantages that would outweigh the many disadvantages associated with starting over, buying all my apps and games all over again, and taking substantial time porting all of my audio and video content into a new format.

Contrary to lacking critical thinking skills, I've actually THOUGHT about this particular issue quite extensively, weighing all the advantages and disadvantages, instead of just a stupid knee-jerk "I hate brand X" or "I love brand Y" emotional reaction.

That being said, I'm all for Android taking off and being a big success. There needs to be competition to keep the companies on the edge and the prices low.

RE: Happy iPhone 4 User Here
By Motoman on 6/29/2010 5:51:15 PM , Rating: 2
If you had properly functioning critical thinking skills, you'd have never started on your Apple product ownership voyage. It has nothing to do with "emotional energy" - it's sheer fact that there is not, and has not been, a good excuse to be an Apple consumer instead of buying any of the many other options on the market.

As to your enumerated points:

1. AT&T does support quite a few phones that aren't an iPhone.
2. See point #1
3. iTunes content can be used with any phone, music player, or computer. Doesn't have to be an Apple iThing.

So in order for you to switch mobile platforms, you'd have to not buy an Apple phone. Nothing else would change. Except, you might have better luck making phone calls.

RE: Happy iPhone 4 User Here
By wgbutler on 6/30/2010 7:46:39 AM , Rating: 2

If you had properly functioning critical thinking skills, you'd have never started on your Apple product ownership voyage

Now this is what I call I real crusader. I have to ask, why the hate against Apple? Did they fire your dad back in the 90s or something?


AT&T does support quite a few phones that aren't an iPhone

That's true, and I've actually owned some. I had a Treo and a Tilt before switching over the 2nd generation iPhone.


2. See point #1

Regarding the Internet speed. This has nothing to do with the brand of phone I am using.

But it is true that in my area AT&T is faster. I've actually stood side by side with co-workers who were on Verizon and Sprint and measured the wireless Internet speed. AT&T wins every single time by about 25%. And I also purchased a T-Mobile wireless modem and I can only get on the Edge network out here, so they are way behind.


3. iTunes content can be used with any phone, music player, or computer. Doesn't have to be an Apple iThing.

Not the DRM files (unless I take the time to convert the files into a standard format). Which I can certainly do but that would be extremely time consuming, as I own several hundred megabytes of content. And the hundreds of dollars of iPhone apps I own only run on Apple products.


So in order for you to switch mobile platforms, you'd have to not buy an Apple phone. Nothing else would change. Except, you might have better luck making phone calls.

I'm reasonably happy with my ability to make calls already.

In spite of the reasons stated, I'm not completely opposed to switching platforms. I've switched from Palm OS (after using it for years) to Windows Mobile to iPhone. If Apple stops innovating and falls significantly behind I would move over to another platform like Android.

Thanks for your input though.

IPhone 3GS
By kmmatney on 6/28/2010 1:52:11 PM , Rating: 2
Doing some experimenting with my 3GS model (and I don't get great AT&T recpetion at my office) if the phone is sitting free I get 4 bars. If I hold it snugly in my left hand, such as I might do for a long phone call - the bars will drop to 3. If I hold the phone more with the fingers, and keep it a litle bit away from the palm, then it stays at 4 bars.

Here's the weird part - I have a silicone cover around the phone. It's a cheap $2 cover from dealextreme. If I take off the cover, I only get 2 bars if I hold the phone snugly, so the cover helps. I haven't had any dropped call isues, and I'm at the edge of reception at my work. I can say the AT@T was a huge improvement over our old provider, Sprint. With Sprint, I had to walk out of the building to use my cell phone reliably.

RE: IPhone 3GS
By The Raven on 6/28/2010 3:02:21 PM , Rating: 2
That's interesting about your iPhone. I have Sprint and have lived in Fullerton, CA and a suburb of St. Louis under their coverage. They have improved the coverage in both instances by appearantly adding towers or something to improve my reception at both work and home. But with the problem of having to go outside to get reception I think is not a problem that you would have with a certain provider. I think it has to do with what your building is made of or some other environmental factor. I had the same problem with AT&T (right after they transformed into Cingular). I guess if ATT has a tower closer to you, then I suppose it might overcome that probable environmental issue.

RE: IPhone 3GS
By Aloonatic on 6/28/2010 7:10:07 PM , Rating: 2
Apparently, you can get a rubber "bumper" that goes around the iPhone4 which has a similar affect. It only goes around the edge of the phone, or at least the radio report that I heard said, not like the usual gel-skin cases or whatever, like yours.

So it seems that they knew about the problem, but figured that their customers would not care and go along with whatever.

RE: IPhone 3GS
By tallcool1 on 6/29/2010 2:53:42 PM , Rating: 2
Only 1 thing to say....
By Cheesew1z69 on 6/28/2010 1:49:37 PM , Rating: 5
Steve P Jobs is a douche. Period.

RE: Only 1 thing to say....
By ThePooBurner on 7/1/2010 11:11:07 AM , Rating: 2
Hahaha. Douche and period. Hahaha.

By Performance Fanboi on 6/28/2010 4:33:00 PM , Rating: 3
Reality distortion field has been improved.

There are no reception issues.

-Steve Jobs


New Found Love...
By Sazabi19 on 6/28/2010 1:13:10 PM , Rating: 2
for Nokia :) (New-Fin-Love?)

By BZDTemp on 6/28/2010 8:51:56 PM , Rating: 2
Not just of the iPhone 4 issue but the other mentions as well. Maybe it is because Europe is more densely populated but I have never experienced a dropped call apart from being on a sail boat out to sea.

Is it really so that choosing phone company is more than a choice of what sort of services and payment deal you want?

Still want one
By geoffreymm2502 on 6/29/2010 12:42:33 AM , Rating: 2
What amazes me, is that Apple suggest using there bumpers to help resolve the issue. Then they want to charge you $30 dollars for one !. Come on guys, you could have thrown it in for free on $700 smart phone to make help on these issues.

That been said, and even with all the negatively surrounding it, I still want an iPhone 4 and will be getting on as soon as they are released here in Ireland :-)

really now?
By Help Desk on 6/29/2010 11:33:01 PM , Rating: 2
Does it really affect phone reception???? I think it's either the phone or the location of the person. But if a lot of people have that complaint it is the phone that has the problem.

Well, how about making better smartphones?
By Qapa on 6/28/10, Rating: -1
RE: Well, how about making better smartphones?
By Hare on 6/28/2010 4:11:50 PM , Rating: 5
Nokia has little grounds to mock them considering their little smartphone share.

You mean their miniscule 44% share?

By AssBall on 6/28/2010 5:10:10 PM , Rating: 2
Just let the guy stay in his secluded little cave of fantasies. No need for facts or logic in there.

By sviola on 6/29/2010 9:21:52 AM , Rating: 1
Also, they've seen opportunities come and go with how long they take to put out dual-sims the iphone that has already given that option?

“We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.” -- Steve Jobs

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