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Nokia has a little bit of fun with its competitors

Nokia Oyj. (HEL:NOK1V) unofficially just kicked off "Operation Rolling Thunder", the reported internal name of the ad blitz surrounding the Lumia 900 LTE smartphone (the phone launches April 8 on AT&T, Inc.'s (T) network in the U.S.).

A teaser clip featuring ex-Saturday Night Live alum Chris Parnell aired during NBA games on Sunday, suggesting that previous smartphones to date may have been "beta phones", inviting users to visit a mysterious new website "".

As WPCentral points out, that site contains images that point to the ad being the work of Nokia and AT&T.  While the teaser is a bit subtle as to exactly what phone the campaign is primarily targeting, the three videos "Outside", "Fragile", and "Death Grip" make it pretty clear that they're mocking the iPhone.  The videos mock the iPhone screen's poor performance outdoors, its tendency to shatter, and the infamous antenna issues of the iPhone 4.

The "Death Grip" clip even quotes echoes late Apple CEO and co-founder Steven P. Jobs' now infamous admonishment to customers -- "You're holding it wrong!"

(Note: This isn't the first time Nokia has mocked Apple's antenna woes.)


"Death Grip"



The ads look to be the work of veteran ad agency Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, given the fact that they have been posting to Twitter related messages using the hashtag #BetaPhone.

Reactions to the videos at this point are expectedly mixed. It's a pretty bold move for AT&T to endorse this type of an attack on one of its top products, and it shows exactly how serious AT&T is about the Lumia 900 launch.

The Lumia 900 preorder went online over the weekend.  While we knew that AT&T was pricing the phone very aggressively -- under $100 -- what was a surprise was that the carrier is now offering the phone for free to new subscribers.

Source: WPCentral

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By andre-bch on 4/2/2012 11:08:17 AM , Rating: 2
LOL. Funny videos but I think they are a little bit too harsh. Not what nokia used to do in the past.

RE: Funny...
By InvertMe on 4/2/2012 11:21:21 AM , Rating: 2
I don't think this is the main Nokia push - just poking a little fun. I think you will see the cool stuff Nokia is known for a lot more as this campaign develops.

Nokia marketing is brilliant. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the US.

RE: Funny...
By corduroygt on 4/2/12, Rating: 0
RE: Funny...
By andre-bch on 4/2/2012 1:26:17 PM , Rating: 2
Yes, because people buy smartphones to play angry birds and words with friends. That's what smartphones are for. /S

Rovio said angry birds space for WP will happen sooner or later.
There are some good unofficial pandora apps available for WP:

RE: Funny...
By Reclaimer77 on 4/2/2012 11:58:47 PM , Rating: 2
After fourteen months or so since Microsoft got "serious" with WP7, their market share is at like 4%. By this time Android was hitting in the 20's%

Maybe instead of telling people why they should buy phones and what apps they should be interested in, you could take a look at what successful platforms are doing and what the consumers want?

Rovio said angry birds space for WP will happen sooner or later.

The message here is that if you own a Windows phone, developers don't care about you. And I see no sign that's changing anytime soon. Sooner or later? Wtf kind of consumer driven market are you looking at where "we'll get to you guys whenever" is cutting it? People don't want to wait for later anymore on ANYTHING. Much less something millions of people are currently enjoying on Apple and Android devices.

Not to mention that the only phone for WP7 worth having, to date, is AT&T only until about Q3. At which point the new iPhone will either be out or around the corner with everyone salivating for one. Brilliant move there. Wtf Microsoft? How is that a plan for generating interest...

RE: Funny...
By andre-bch on 4/3/2012 1:12:28 PM , Rating: 2
Back then, the only serious competition to andoid was iphone, and that was just in high-end.

WP is up against two very stabilished mobile OSes, in all segments, low to high. 4% seems good actually.

RE: Funny...
By andre-bch on 4/3/2012 1:15:16 PM , Rating: 2

How about adding a damn edit button.

RE: Funny...
By InvertMe on 4/2/2012 1:38:20 PM , Rating: 2
They have Pandora, ABS is coming and they have Letters by Post.


RE: Funny...
By corduroygt on 4/2/12, Rating: 0
RE: Funny...
By InvertMe on 4/2/2012 2:55:01 PM , Rating: 2
1. I start the Pandora app, listen to music. It works and does everything I need it to do. So your point is not not valid to me.
2. I guess that sucks but it's Angry Birds - seriously even my 7 year old told me it's for kids..
3. I have an Android phone and played LWF and WBP - I liked WBP better on that too.

Not everyone is the same or likes the same things...

RE: Funny...
By cknobman on 4/2/2012 2:30:43 PM , Rating: 2
I dont listen to Pandora
I hate Angry Birds with a passion (it got old a year ago)
I refuse to play "Words with Friends" due to how easy it is to cheat. Everyone I know that plays that game cheats.

I am sure there are a lot of people just like me out there.

WP7 has a good chance.

RE: Funny...
By corduroygt on 4/2/12, Rating: 0
RE: Funny...
By Labotomizer on 4/2/2012 8:11:43 PM , Rating: 2
Voice recognition is great on WP7. So I'm not sure your point there.

Zune Music pass is so far superior to Pandora it's not even funny. I used Pandora extensively on my Droid 2. It wasn't bad. I pay the $10/month for Zune Music Pass. I can download/stream anything I want and Smart DJ functions the same way Pandora does only it uses both streamed music and my local collection. That's pretty sweet.

Infinity Blade I'll give you, that's one sick mobile game. But is it enough for me to give up the superior e-mail client? That alone, at least for someone who's primary feature on a smartphone centers on e-mail, is enough to justify WP7. Everything else is just fluff. And IE9 mobile renders pages better than Android browser or iPhone Safari.

Also keep in mind the 1 cent preorders already sold out on ATT for the Lumia 900. I was seriously considering giving up my unlimited data on VZW to switch to the Lumia 900 from my HTC Trophy. I'll wait until the Win 8 "superphones" come out later this year though.

RE: Funny...
By corduroygt on 4/3/2012 12:05:56 AM , Rating: 2
Pandora is free, so the $10/month pass won't compare, (besides Pandora paid service is only 5 bucks/month) and the iOS e-mail client is better than MS Outlook 2010, I can say this since I use both regularly.

TellMe is a piece of garbage compared to Siri:

RE: Funny...
By corduroygt on 4/3/2012 12:08:31 AM , Rating: 2
Oh and also any website that does not properly display on mobile Safari most likely has an app for it.

RE: Funny...
By PrezWeezy on 4/3/2012 8:49:19 PM , Rating: 2
Why do I need a Pandora app? I just go to through IE and play my music through that. It is even integrated into the lock screen controls. Who needs an app when the website does everything the app can?

RE: Funny...
By hellokeith on 4/2/2012 2:03:06 PM , Rating: 2
"Two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered in water. Maybe we should give the phone a life-raft too."


RE: Funny...
By Omega215D on 4/2/2012 4:49:58 PM , Rating: 5
How is it harsh when Apple has been using half truths to outright lies in their advertising and the sheep just eat it up? I noticed that Apple and their fans can dish it out but act butt hurt once someone mocks them.

Nokia is known to make good to great phones but only people outside of the US know that. I like Android a lot but WP7 is no slouch.

Good concept, poor delivery
By GuinnessKMF on 4/2/2012 9:51:38 AM , Rating: 2
I'm no fan of iPhones, and agree with the points these ads are trying to make, but wow, the delivery is embarrassing.

The constantly panning security camera and the whole 'behind secret closed doors' thing is distracting and stupid. Apple's whole game is marketing, I'd really like to see someone do better than this when it comes to standing up to them.

RE: Good concept, poor delivery
By cknobman on 4/2/2012 10:05:07 AM , Rating: 3

These videos are hilarious!!
Actually the way Apple is and Jobs was they might not be that far off from actual meetings that did take place, LOL.

By Dr of crap on 4/2/2012 10:05:23 AM , Rating: 2
You are missing the point!

It's like behind the sceens we know that the iphone isn't God created and won't save the planet.

Tanks for you post though!

RE: Good concept, poor delivery
By Arsynic on 4/2/2012 10:47:56 AM , Rating: 2
It wouldn't be funny if Apple hadn't had the same attitude. But it's mostly true, especially the "holding it wrong" comment by Jobs. Apple is an arrogant bunch with a blind legion of fans.

RE: Good concept, poor delivery
By Obujuwami on 4/2/2012 11:45:23 AM , Rating: 1
I agree and lots of people forget the "apology' Jobs gave for the antenna-gate.

1) We're sorry
2) We're sorry
3) We love our users!
4) We're sorry
5) We love our users! Here's a free $1 bumper!
6) We love our users and we're sorry!

They tried to make it right, but in the wrong way and that's what you, and everyone else who hasn't been asleep for the last 5 years, will notice.

By flybefree on 4/2/2012 1:53:33 PM , Rating: 3
I don't know. It feels like they are talking about problems from a millions years ago in smart phone time. It would be more compelling if they touched on current issues.

RE: Dated
By Alexvrb on 4/3/2012 12:04:23 AM , Rating: 3
Yes, they should go after the iPhone 5 instead! Oh wait...

Look at the money, not at the words
By name99 on 4/2/2012 3:25:09 PM , Rating: 3
what was a surprise was that the carrier is now offering the phone for free to new subscribers.

Nothing says "we're confident about the desirability of our new phone" like "we're giving it away for FREE".

The interesting question will be what happens with the next phone. You can justify a one-time give-away as a publicity gimmick that tries to get the phone out there. But Nokia conclude that the only way they can compete with Apple is to also give the next phone away for free, that's not a good sign.

[And yes, yes, I know that a "free" phone still means money paid to Nokia via the contract subsidy. That's not the point. The point is the psychological message that is being sent --- the value of our phone is precisely zero dollars.]

By arnold123 on 4/2/2012 5:56:28 PM , Rating: 3
The only reason they are giving is away for free is so that people can experience the OS for and the product.

Been on iOS for 2 yrs and having recently made a switch to WP7 (mango) i personally feel WP7 is a much better OS atleast compared to iOs and the only reason why its not popular is people haven't given it a try as a lot of people have negative preconceived notions abt any product named windows.

i love it when i am out with my buddies or co workers and have to find a place to eat or directions to some place i am always the first to get it and then they ask me which android phone is it and i say its a windows phone and they have this weird look on their faces and in my mind i am "Got smoked by a windows phone..."

Funny, but...
By silverblue on 4/2/2012 4:17:15 PM , Rating: 2 kind of feels like the Lumia 800 was a beta test for the 900. The battery life issues required two fixes, and the thing still scrolls like it's got Parkinson's when you plug it in (apologies if that offends anybody). Incidentally, I tried a Blackberry charger at work when I'd forgotten my USB cable one day, and the effect was way worse.

Don't get me wrong, I think my 800 is fantastic. Software is its only real issue, and it's getting better.

RE: Funny, but...
By InvertMe on 4/2/2012 4:26:18 PM , Rating: 2
I almost feel that way too. On a positive note though Nokia won't abandon the 800 and will keep making it better.

I still say this partnership was mentioned WAY too early. Nokia and Microsoft needed more time to get a superior product to market without making consumers feel like it was taking forever.

By melgross on 4/2/12, Rating: -1
RE: Desperation
By InvertMe on 4/2/2012 11:29:26 AM , Rating: 2
They are hardly desperate. The pre-orders for the Lumia 900 are very high and these commercials are funny. I have to admit they are not typical of Nokia but funny none the less.

Look at the tons of other Nokia commercials out there if you think Nokia/MS has nothing to stand on. WP and Nokia are the Superior platform out there right now.

RE: Desperation
By name99 on 4/2/2012 3:29:09 PM , Rating: 1
The pre-orders for the Lumia 900 are very high

Where did you see what the pre-order numbers for the Lumia 900 are? I did a quick web search and did not see any such numbers.
What are these numbers? What counts as high in this context? Large compared to previous WP7 sales, or large compared to combined Android sales?

RE: Desperation
By InvertMe on 4/2/2012 4:23:13 PM , Rating: 2
No one has exact figures, several sites are going by the Lumia 900 being the number 1 seller on Amazon and AT&T (and several other carriers) reporting being sold out and back ordered.

RE: Desperation
By theapparition on 4/2/2012 1:40:34 PM , Rating: 5
This just shows how little OSx and Apple have to offer. If all they can do is show irrelevant things that don't even matter today, like hammering on issues that don't exist in Vista anymore, rather than having their products stand on their own, then they know they have little to offer. This won't work.

Fixed that for you.

"What would I do? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders." -- Michael Dell, after being asked what to do with Apple Computer in 1997

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