If you currently own a noisy mechanical keyboard, then you may be glad to know that Cherry Americas is now making silent mechanical keyboards.

Cherry Americas of Wisconsin, just announced their new Cherry MX Silent and Cherry MX Silent RGB switches for mechanical keyboards on December 21st. These new switches are completely noiseless, and yet provide the same perceptible feedback as currently used Cherry MX switches. These switches will be sold to mechanical keyboard makers in Red and Black models.

Photo Source: Cherry Americas
“The popular Cherry Silent Red Keyswitch, with its light linear feel and no pressure point, and the linear Silent Black both carry the unique and unequalled Gold Crosspoint technology the world has come to expect from Cherry,” the company said. “Gold Crosspoint contacts are self-cleaning, resistant to dust and dirt, and they ensure the reliability of the keyswitch in a keyboard layout.”

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Current mechanical keyboards are significantly louder than other keyboards.  This may be keyboarding music for some people, but a turnoff for others. The clicking noise comes from physical keyswitches called Cherry switches. Cherry switches sit underneath the keys and indicate when the user has pressed a key. Pressing a key pushes the underlying Cherry switch down. When the switch is pressed down, the keyboard sends a signal to the PC telling it that you pressed that key.

Photo Source: Trulyergonomic
The noise range you get depends on the type of switch your keyboard has and your typing style. So, we know mechanical keyboards are noisy, so why get one?  Proponents say that mechanical keyboards could help you type more accurately and will last longer than your standard issue keyboard.

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