Obama says he can't have an iPhone

The U.S. government is phasing out the use of BlackBerry smartphones in many agencies and going instead with the iPhone or Android devices. President Barack Obama, however, is holding onto his BlackBerry, which he famously fought to keep when he took office.
That’s not to say that President Obama wouldn’t like to ditch his 2007-era BlackBerry smartphone. The President recently stated at a White House event, "I'm not allowed for security reasons to have an iPhone.” But while the iPhone isn’t secure enough replace the President’s Blackberry, daughters Sasha and Malia both use the devices.

President Obama shown here with this iPad
President Obama also carries around a third generation iPad, and according to Apple Insider, he uses a 15” MacBook Pro. But it should come as no surprise that President Obama has grown into somewhat of an Apple fan during his tenure in office. He has even gone to bat for the company in its fight against Samsung.
Interestingly, Obama is one of the first presidents to use email in his administration. He even has a personal email address, but claims that only ten people have that address. 

Sources: Reuters, Security Week

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