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Xbox Live Gold subscribers were excited about a potential new perk, but their celebration proved premature

Redditors and bloggers at sites such as Kotaku and Eurogamer grew excited earlier this week when Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) appeared to be testing a feature for the Xbox One's Live marketplace similar to STEAM's "FREE Weekend" iniative, which allows gamers to play a top game title for an entire weekend, then buy it at substantial discount.

For some Gold tier Xbox Live subscribers a tile appeared under the "Games With Gold" category seemingly touted the new promotion dubbed "Free Play Day With Gold".  The tile allowed some to download and play a shareware trial of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, a fantasy action-puzzle genre game from indie developer Press Play.

But Microsoft broke the bad news to its fans on Thursday, writing:

A promotional tile for 'Max: Curse of the Brotherhood' was posted briefly on the US dash in error yesterday. We apologize for any inconvenience. We're constantly exploring different ways to offer more benefits to our Xbox Live Gold members and will keep them updated when special offers become available.

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While Microsoft isn't making any promises or announcements at this tme, gamers who were excited about the new perk shouldn't lose all hope.  While it's possible it's merely a developer mistake or some other bizarre error, that seems unlikely as the title suggests a clear promotion branding.

Gold gamers can wait and hope Microsoft does roll out this program -- next time, officially.  In the meantime they can enjoy the other perks that the roughly ~$4 USD/month subscription confers, including 50-75 percent discounts on select titles and two free game downloads a month.

Sources: Microsoft, via Kotaku

"People Don't Respect Confidentiality in This Industry" -- Sony Computer Entertainment of America President and CEO Jack Tretton

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