The telling Q&A about HDMI on Xbox 360
The upcoming Xbox 360 Elite should make HDMI transparent to developers

The black Xbox 360 Elite with the 120GB is all but officially confirmed by the lips of Microsoft’s public relations machine. A Microsoft XNA Framework Developer, however, may have quietly confirmed the existence of the upcoming revised Xbox 360. Couple this with today’s spy shots of black Xbox 360s on a Chinese production line and the new Elite console is as close to official as it can get.

In a question posed under Microsoft’s Developer Network, a user asked in the XNA Game Studio Express section if any code changes are required to support the HDMI output on the revised Xbox 360. Shawn Hargreaves, XNA Framework Developer at Microsoft, replied simply with “No changes required.”

The comment by Hargreaves marks the first comment from a Microsoft employee acknowledging the HDMI output on the Xbox 360. Furthermore, his reply insinuates that the new HDMI output options will be completely transparent to developers, leaving the video duties completely up to the scaling hardware inside the new Xbox 360.

This could mean that games that don’t natively support 1080p resolution, such as Gears of War, may be upscaled to support the highest HDTV resolution. Movie lovers could be the ones who benefit the most from the added HDMI connection, as current Xbox 360 will only send a maximum signal of 1080i through component cables.

For owners of the current console, using a VGA cable is the only way to hit 1080p, but the upcoming Xbox 360 Elite will finally give home theater fanatics their connector of choice.

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