Nissan Dual Injector Fuel System  (Source: Green Car Congress)
System promises better fuel economy and less emissions for small displacement engines

There is a big push in the automotive market to move to vehicles that get better fuel economy and produce less polluting emissions. A myriad of technologies from hybrid cars to full electric vehicles are being explored to help reduce the need for fossil fuels in America.

Nissan, who recently received a $1.6 billion loan from government bailout funds, has announced a new fuel injection technology that will help improve fuel efficiency in small displacement engines and reduce emissions. The new system uses dual fuel injectors and will be used in gasoline engines with port fuel injection (PFI).

Green Car Congress reports that most PFI engines use a single injector per cylinder, but the new Nissan system uses two injectors -- one for each intake port. Nissan says that the new injection system is a first for a production passenger can and reduces the fuel droplet size by about 60% compared to a single injector system.

The smaller fuel droplets mean better fuel vaporization, less unburned fuel, and reduced hydrocarbon emissions. The new injection system will be used in production vehicles starting in 2010. The PFI dual fuel injection system is about 60% cheaper to produce than more complex direct-injection systems that place fuel directly into the combustion chamber.

The more efficient system also needs a catalytic converter with about half the amount of rare metals inside and that number could be reduced to about 75% less precious metals when used with ultralow-rare-metals catalysts that debuted in 2008.

Nissan corporate VP Shuichi Nishimura said, "We consider it important to further improve the fuel efficiency of gasoline engines as demand for gasoline and other internal-combustion systems continues to increase around the world. By widely applying the Dual Injector system on small-displacement engines, we hope to help reduce CO2 emissions and conserve rare metals."

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