Nintendo Wii Safety Information - Click to enlarge
Nintendo says "Hold the Wii Remote firmly and do not let go."

In response to incidents of TV-wrecking Wii Remotes capable of subsonic flight, Nintendo today issued a mass email with “Important Safety Information for Playing Wii.”


In its safety advice, Nintendo suggests Wii players to “Wear the wrist strap when using the Wii Remote,” as mentioned prior to playing any Wii game. Some users, unfortunately, hurtle their controllers with such force that it completely obliterates the tiny string at the end of the wrist strap.


Nintendo also commands, “Do not let go of the remote during game play,” which is very good advice, because the majority of Wii Remote-related accidents could have been easily avoided if the controllers weren’t so carelessly launched from the users’ hands.


Finally, Nintendo says to “Allow adequate room around you during game play,” suggesting that players stay at least three feet away from the television. While three feet probably isn’t enough runway for the Wii Remote to make a safe landing if it were to become airborne, it would allow for enough space that any wild motions made by the player wouldn’t power smash or uppercut your new plasma.


Nintendo has also updated its Web site with the same information as sent out in its mailer. So for those hoping for a recall on all wrist straps, Nintendo seems to have made no indication towards anything of the like.

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