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Demand for the Wii is declining, but as sales for the DS remain steady, the handheld gadget is poised to land on top.

Video game giant Nintendo is expecting a dent in profits for the first time in six years. Sales for the maker of the bestselling Wii and Nintendo DS took a plunge and dropped by 23 percent.

Profits fell nearly 10 percent, but it appears that despite the fall, the worst may soon be over for the formidable gaming company, based in Kyoto, Japan.

The Nintendo DS, which has been running a close second behind the PlayStation 2, is expected to pass by the popular console in sales by the end of the year. "The NDS is approaching the PS2 as the best-selling hardware system of all time", says The NPD Group's Anita Frazier.

While competitors Microsoft reported early this year that they sold over 40 million Xbox 360s and current figures had Sony PlayStation 3 with 33.5 million units sold, Wii sales are at about 71 million and the Nintendo DS are at nearly 129 million so far.

Nintendo has plans to launch a 3DS version that will offer 3D technology, sans 3D glasses, by year's end.

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By Aaron M on 5/14/2010 4:21:02 PM , Rating: 3
I own a DS Lite. However, I can't play any DSi-specific games, and it obviously won't be able to play any upcoming 3DS games. So, why does everyone lump them together, as a single system, when it comes to sales numbers? The only common capability between all 3 systems, is their ability to play original DS games. But by that logic, PS2 and PS3 should have both had their sales numbers lumped together with the PS1. Heck, might as well combine Wii numbers with Gamecube, since they both play GC games. What's with this arbitrary consolidation of the different DS systems?

By icanhascpu on 5/14/2010 4:49:20 PM , Rating: 2
Can the PS3 play PS1/2 games? I thought they made a lot of that incompatible?

Backward compatibility is what matters so on the point of PS1/PS2 I think thats a good comparison.

By Aaron M on 5/14/2010 10:45:26 PM , Rating: 3
The older PS3s can play both PS1 and PS2 games. The newer ones can only play PS1 games, because Sony removed the last bit of hardware that made PS2 backwards-compability possible.

By Alexstarfire on 5/14/2010 11:22:55 PM , Rating: 2
No offense, but there aren't many DSi only games... and why should there be. The only thing they added was a camera... that has very little purpose.

It'd be nice to have a list of DSi only games. A quick look at just lists DS games in general.

By limitedaccess on 5/14/2010 11:41:20 PM , Rating: 2
You have a point there. Going by the same criteria the Playstation has sold -

PS - 19,362,986
PS2 - 136,193,451
PS3 - 34,736,958

Total - 190293395

Even though I'm positive the PS cant play PS3 games.

By Farfignewton on 5/15/2010 1:58:05 PM , Rating: 2
You're rather short on the PS sales. They hit 100 million shipped six years ago.

By CZroe on 5/15/2010 1:41:19 AM , Rating: 3
Nintendo has stressed that "3DS" will not be the name. It may have nothing to do with the older names. As for the DSi, the extra capabilities are primarily for DSi Ware, not for DS titles. As far as games go, they all pretty much play the same stuff. There are more DS games incompatible with the DSi due to the lack of a Slot 2 than there are DSi games that don't run on older DS units.... BY FAR.

By Syran on 6/3/2010 10:15:00 AM , Rating: 2
Just toss in anything with the name of gameboy that can run old gameboy B&W games, and you should easily surpass 200mil.

By Smartless on 5/14/2010 2:26:22 PM , Rating: 3
Man that term really didn't mean what I thought it meant. I always thought there were console systems and handheld gaming systems. And I wonder if they would have sold that much had those R4 cards not come out?

RE: Console?
By amanojaku on 5/14/2010 2:31:27 PM , Rating: 2
I never heard the term before, either, but it's a hand held game console.

RE: Console?
By Farfignewton on 5/15/2010 2:13:25 PM , Rating: 2
Comparing the handhelds to the living room consoles is ridiculous in my book. Yeah, they both play "video games". I once had a watch that did so as well. It's like comparing a motorcycle and bicycle. They have a lot in common, but nobody compares sales.

RE: Console?
By icanhascpu on 5/15/2010 8:19:55 PM , Rating: 1
Did you watch have the ability to put in new games from a packaged media?


Didn't think so.

The only thing ridiculous here is your definition of the word console. You warped it somewhere along the way. It is a separate thing from video games or that industry as a whole.

RE: Console?
By Farfignewton on 5/16/2010 7:30:03 PM , Rating: 2
Did you watch have the ability to put in new games from a packaged media? No? Didn't think so. The only thing ridiculous here is your definition of the word console. You warped it somewhere along the way.

If you read my post carefully you'll see that my point is not about the definition of the word console, it's about comparing handheld to living room machines. Handhelds are less powerful, they cost less, the games cost less and are typically aimed shorter gaming sessions and game length. And multiplayer? Pffh. On the other hand, when I go camping my PSP gets to go with, while my PS3 stays home.

On a related note, I have yet to see any Smart-car - Corvette comparisons even though they're both 2-seater cars.

RE: Console?
By afkrotch on 5/18/2010 1:36:06 AM , Rating: 2
Put on a new watch. Viola, new game!

By icanhascpu on 5/14/2010 3:17:48 PM , Rating: 5
You give all the stats we don't care about in the context of this article and leave out the one we do; PS2?

/runs off to google it

Looks like its around 140 million.

RE: PS2?
By icanhascpu on 5/14/2010 3:30:05 PM , Rating: 3
Here we go:

Weekly: 267,116
Total: 129,176,344

Weekly: 41,767
Total: 136,151,048

So DS net gain over PS2 at this point is roughly 225k a week. So in 31 weeks or there abouts the DS should either be VERY close or just have past.

Roughly mid December, but most likely I would say early November as DS game sales are going to pick up more the PS2 sales nearing xmass, and thus DS itself.

RE: PS2?
By CZroe on 5/15/2010 1:39:16 AM , Rating: 2
Isn't it possible that the 3DS announcement and sales will affect/slow earlier DS sales?

RE: PS2?
By icanhascpu on 5/15/2010 8:06:11 PM , Rating: 2
Probably, assuming they dont try and include it onto the DS sales like they did with DSi. But then again youre going to see the DS go down in price as inventory is cleared.

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