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Anxious gamers waited outside in the cold to purchase the Nintendo DS Lite -- only the lucky were able to snag one

The original Nintendo DS game console is already scarce in Japan, but the DS Lite is expected to be in even shorter supply.  Thousands of excited gamers waited in lines all over the country for the Nintendo DS Lite that finally went on sale in Japan several days ago.  Although some stores have it from as low as $140 USD, many Japanese stores are charging around $200 USD for the new hand held gaming device.  Importers in the United States and stores in Hong Kong have already started scalping the price of the DS Lite for around $300 or more.  The only color version currently available is the Crystal White, but the Ice Blue and Enamel Navy should be available in Japan on March 11.

The DS Lite is around 25 percent smaller than the original and also has a more appealing design.  Probably the biggest change that consumers will enjoy is that the new DS has a brightness control instead of the basic switch that turns the backlight on or off.  

Before you consider hopping on an airplane to go and get the new Nintendo DS Lite, let us first warn you that it is already sold out in Japan.  Nintendo reportedly will not be able to make more than 500,000 units in March, so a high demand and low supply should have a ripple effect for months to come.  If you simply can't wait until the unit is available outside of Japan, there are a few models available on Ebay for a hefty price.  Nintendo of America has not set a date on when the DS Lite will be available for consumers in North America.  

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