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The Nighthawk X10 Smart Wi-Fi Router is being described as the world’s faster router for media streaming with Plex media server. Let’s see what’s under the hood.

This router comes packed with loads of features that seem to support its high-speed claim.  From the start, the Nighthawk X10 speeds up your experience by making the installation process very simple with the NETGEAR UP app.  It is as easy as downloading the app, connecting your router, and installing.

Now what can you do with this router?  Let’s start with 4K streaming, VR gaming, web surfing, uploading and downloading. The X10 features 802.11 ad technology which hits a speed of 4.6 Gbps.  Current 802.11 ac only reaches 1.3 Gbps.

This provides very fast media transfer speeds and backup for your valuable data and files at three times the speed of 802.11 ac routers.
Check out these transfer times against a typical 802.11 ac router.
  Nighthawk X10 (802.11 ad) Typical 802.11 ac router
Max Speed 4.6 Gbps 1.3 Gbps
3GB Backup Time 8 Seconds 24 seconds
8GB 4k Movie file 21 Seconds 64 seconds
20GB VR Video 53 Seconds 210 Seconds
Those impressive stats are produced by a powerful quad core processor running at 1.7 GHz. The X10 has four enhanced dual-band Active antennas which have high powered amplifiers to maximize range and throughput.

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The Nighthawk X10 features a Plex Media Server that allows you to organize all of your movie, TV shows, music, video, and photo collections.  Because your router runs continuous, you can remotely access your media library and watch it anywhere and anytime via your mobile devices. You need an external USB drive connected to your Nighthawk X10 router to use Plex Media Server.

Amazon Drive Cloud backup provides easy secure storage of your media. The X10 comes with 6 months of free unlimited storage to get you started.

Most house have several devices that compete for bandwidth.  This is not a problem with the X10 due to MU-MIMO that supports simultaneous streaming, while 160 MHz doubles Wi-Fi speeds to mobile devices.

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Here are the SPECS:
  Nighthawk X10 ac
Processor Quad Core
Processor Speed 1.7GHZ
Wireless Type 802.11ac
Wi-Fi Speed 4.6 Gbps
  • 6 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Ports to connect more wired devices
  • 10Gb SFP+ Fiber LAN ports for fast Network Attached Storage access
  • Link Aggregation: 2 Gigabit LAN Ports for fast 4K HD streaming from a Network Attached Storage device
6.61 x 8.81 x 2.91 in  
Weight 4.11 lbs

Source: Netgear

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