Nexus One heading to Walmart  (Source: Gizmodo)
When and what carrier are unknown

The Android operating system has been very popular for Google and made it one of the leading OS' for smartphones around. Google has offered up the first smartphone that it is selling directly to customers called the Nexus One.

The handset has been hampered with issues concerning its 3G connectivity since it launched. Users report that the device is often unable to maintain a 3G connection while other devices on the same T-Mobile network can connect from the same location at the same time without any problems. Google also recently cut the price of upgrades to the Nexus one by $100 to entice more users to get one.

Gizmodo reports that the Google Nexus One will be coming to Walmart locations soon. Walmart is one of the largest electronic retailers in the world and is a place where a many users go to buy all sorts of items from food to computers. A page has turned up on that says the Nexus One will be coming soon. No details on the pricing are offered.

There is also no information on what carrier the phone will be offered on. Verizon is supposed to get the handset sometime this month.

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