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Nexus One heading to Walmart  (Source: Gizmodo)
When and what carrier are unknown

The Android operating system has been very popular for Google and made it one of the leading OS' for smartphones around. Google has offered up the first smartphone that it is selling directly to customers called the Nexus One.

The handset has been hampered with issues concerning its 3G connectivity since it launched. Users report that the device is often unable to maintain a 3G connection while other devices on the same T-Mobile network can connect from the same location at the same time without any problems. Google also recently cut the price of upgrades to the Nexus one by $100 to entice more users to get one.

Gizmodo reports that the Google Nexus One will be coming to Walmart locations soon. Walmart is one of the largest electronic retailers in the world and is a place where a many users go to buy all sorts of items from food to computers. A page has turned up on that says the Nexus One will be coming soon. No details on the pricing are offered.

There is also no information on what carrier the phone will be offered on. Verizon is supposed to get the handset sometime this month.

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Cellphone profits
By CalWorthing on 1/26/2010 2:29:25 PM , Rating: 3
If they don't keep sucking in the cash, how are they going to enjoy the SCOTUS decision, allowing unlimited campaign spending?

I hear that during recent a 'Vegas think-tank/prayer session, the TelCom CEOs agreed to have At&t & Verizon filling the seats on the next FCC commission.

All I care about is being able to watch Hulu on my iPad.

price problem
By Screwballl on 1/26/10, Rating: -1
RE: price problem
By msomeoneelsez on 1/26/2010 6:05:48 PM , Rating: 3
I don't see why they can't cut into their exorbitant profits and fat cat wallets to help sell more phones in a tough economy.

Do you think the $2.88 billion is going to the CEO's??

Profit breeds innovation. Profit allows companies to expand, thus covering more people and providing better quality service.

And another thing... since when are cell phones a necessity??

Furthermore, you obviously have no understanding of pricing models, production costs, or economics in general.

Stop drinking the koolaid, get out there and understand these things. If you want me to help, I will gladly explain the economics of why it is GREAT that they are charging so much for these phones and still making a profit, and why it is GREAT that they made $2.88 billion in 2008 (which, by the way, was a time that was largely unaffected for the cell phone industry... 2009 is a much better year to prove your point in.)

RE: price problem
By h0kiez on 1/27/2010 3:40:32 PM , Rating: 2
Some economics and/of finance classes should really be mandatory in school. A complete lack of teaching to most on the subject leads to the entitlement mentality and complete lack of understand of how things work that he's displaying. It's sad really.

RE: price problem
By CENGJINYIWEI on 1/31/2010 7:43:40 AM , Rating: 1

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“So far we have not seen a single Android device that does not infringe on our patents." -- Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith
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