It took nearly half a year for Motorola's Google Nexus branded phablet to trickle out

The Nexus 6 by the Lenovo Group Ltd.'s (HKG:0992) Motorola Mobility unit was announced last October with the unveil of Android 5.0 "Lollipop."  But as of February America's largest carrier, Verizon Wireless (Verizon Communications, Inc. (VZ)) still hadn't launched Nexus 6.

Big Red is offering the device $249.99 USD with a new 2-year contract, or 24 monthly installments of $27.08 ($649.92 USD total) for subscribers to its "EDGE" early upgrades plan.  The device is live online today for order, and will be arriving in Verizon stores around the country on Mar. 19 (next Thursday).

The only real surprises are that it took nearly half a year for the Nexus 6 to launch on Big Red and the inclusion of Android 5.1, the first major revision to Lollipop.  Announced on Monday, Android 5.1 follows the minor bugfix patches/revisions Android 5.0.1 and 5.0.2.

Nexus 6 device

Verizon's tardy adoption trails AT&T, Inc. (T), Sprint Corp. (S), T-Mobile U.S. Inc. (TMUS) who released the Nexus 6 last November.   also released the device in November 2014.

The Nexus 6 won't appeal to all Android purists due it phablet form factor and hardware compromise.  The device lacks swappable batteries or expandable storage (no microSD slot is found in the device).
Nexus 6 stack

Overall, though, the device packs a sweet spec. with features including a Snapdragon 805 chip (4x Krait 450 CPU cores @ 2.7 GHz + Adren 420 GPU) from Qualcomm, Inc. (QCOM), a 493 ppi 5.96-inch quad-HD (QHD) (aka "2K") AMOLED PenTile (RGBG) display (aspect ratio 16:9, 2,560×1,440 pixels), 3 GB of LPDDR3 memory, and a 13 megapixel camera (w/ optical image stabilization (OIS) and dual-LED flash ring).

Nexus 6 flash ring

The device, in its baseline form, includes only 32 GB of NAND flash memory, but that total is supplemented by Google Drive cloud storage.  The device boasts fast charging which can deliver a 6 hour battery life from a 15 minute charge.  It also includes Qi wireless charging support.

Nexus 6 -- fast charge

Paired with America's largest and (on average) fastest data network, Google, Inc.'s (GOOG) branded Android "hero" device should get a long overdue chance to shine.

Source: Verizon Wireless [press release]

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