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New rumors on next-generation Xbox surface

Forbes is reporting some interesting new rumors on the next-generation Xbox game console from Microsoft. We have known for a while that the next generation console is in the works and is expected to the launch this year with the codename Durango.

Many of those rumors are expecting the next-generation Xbox to be called the Xbox 720. However, Forbes reports that it is now hearing that the official name for the console will be the Xbox Infinity. The image in this story is said to be a leaked image of the official Xbox Infinity logo.

A few other new details are surfacing in whispers along with the new logo including some details about the new Xbox controllers. Forbes cites sources at Microsoft who say the new console will be a generational incremental improvement from the current Xbox 360.
The one major upgrade that is tipped to be included with new console is a touch sensitive controller. The touch sensitive area on the new Xbox controller will be used to allow players to take advantage of gestures to complement the Kinect sensor bar.

The official reveal of the next-generation Xbox will be on May 21, 2013. Microsoft is betting big on this launch and people living in the U.S. or Canada will be able watch the live launch via Xbox Live and The launch will also be broadcast on Spike TV.

Many gamers are concerned about the next-generation Xbox after rumors continue to insist that it requires an always-on internet connection and may block used games.

Sources: Forbes, Major Nelson

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Stick with version numbers
By Schrag4 on 4/29/2013 12:06:20 PM , Rating: 3
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Naming new versions of products with "better" descriptions, like plus, ultra, super, ultra-super, etc. is stupid because several years later, something better will come along that makes their super-mega-ultra product look mediocre. How about we just stick with the version numbering so that we don't have to keep track of whether super is newer than ultra or ultra is newer that super, ok?

Ininite possibilities? I guess this is the very last console that MS will ever produce, since the name suggests it can do literally anything. Sheesh. /soapbox

RE: Stick with version numbers
By Flunk on 4/29/2013 1:31:06 PM , Rating: 3
They can just use a random or simplified naming scheme for the next one. Xbox Restart, Xbox Revolution, Xbox 4, Xbox Star-Killer. Whatever they want, the marketing guys can spin anything and the truth of the matter is that consumers don't really care that much about what things are called*.

*Barring really bad names like the Xbox: Don't Buy Me I Suck

RE: Stick with version numbers
By paydirt on 4/29/2013 3:51:32 PM , Rating: 3
Xbox Kingslayer > Xbox Star-Killer

RE: Stick with version numbers
By Crazyeyeskillah on 4/30/2013 10:09:05 AM , Rating: 2
Based on your evidence i would assume that. . .

xbox kingslayer = xbox oathbreaker ?

RE: Stick with version numbers
By Sahrin on 4/30/2013 10:53:25 AM , Rating: 2
Oath breaker... Is that the same as breakoather? "I swear to Odin and all his kin...I shall rest!"

RE: Stick with version numbers
By Manch on 4/30/2013 8:27:01 AM , Rating: 2
Regardless of name, as long as always on is not required I'll buy one. Otherwise, they can get bent.

RE: Stick with version numbers
By Motoman on 4/29/2013 1:58:11 PM , Rating: 3
Speaking of that, I have a couple Radeon 7000 video cards that I could part with cheap. Sure, they're not 7850s...but they've gotta be better than a 6xxx anything because 7000 is more than that right?

RE: Stick with version numbers
By OoklaTheMok on 4/29/2013 6:41:04 PM , Rating: 2

RE: Stick with version numbers
By Totally on 4/29/2013 7:55:15 PM , Rating: 1
well not really, only to sheeple maybe. To any sheeple reading by any chance, it's the second digit that's significant(i.e. higher is better). The first digit just means it's newer and as we all know newer doesn't always mean better, but hey you're sheeple and were probably sold at newer.

RE: Stick with version numbers
By Motoman on 4/30/2013 11:27:39 AM , Rating: 2
...that fierce wooshing sound you just heard? Over your head? That's the sound of you failing miserably.

RE: Stick with version numbers
By Motoman on 4/30/2013 11:33:31 AM , Rating: 2

And I guess just in case anyone else is 5 minutes old and doesn't remember the previous, non-HD Radeon monikers...

ATI sold a broad range of Radeon video cards starting with the 7000, also sold as the Radeon VE, all the way up to Radeon 9600s. All of which were AGP parts.

So just imagine your mom blundering about on when she remembers you talking about how you'd love to have a new video card, and she stumbles across this:

Yup. You can still buy a brand-new 32Mb Radeon 7000 video card.

RE: Stick with version numbers
By amanojaku on 4/29/2013 3:01:20 PM , Rating: 5
You petty excuse for a poster. The next Xbox models will be:

Xbox Light Speed
Xbox Ridiculous Speed
Xbox Ludicrous Speed

Infinity isn't enough. MS won't stop until it's gone to plaid.

RE: Stick with version numbers
By Motoman on 4/30/2013 11:34:33 AM , Rating: 2

RE: Stick with version numbers
By Belard on 4/29/2013 3:56:56 PM , Rating: 5
that logo looks like an 8, rather than the infinity symbol... so this is their way to cross promote very successful windows 8.

RE: Stick with version numbers
By Dug on 4/29/2013 5:15:29 PM , Rating: 2
Infinity and beyond
Infinity x 2

RE: Stick with version numbers
By karimtemple on 4/30/2013 10:06:06 AM , Rating: 2
Actually I miss the days of superlative names. We would've gotten NES > Super NES > ULTRA64 if Nintendo hadn't backed out of that name lol. It would've been fun! They could've just went with the Killer Instinct convention. Hyper Nintendo! Brutal Nintendo! Master Nintendo!! AWESOME Nintendo!!! MMMONSTERR NINTENDOOO!

By Captain Awesome on 4/30/2013 12:06:09 PM , Rating: 2
Why can't they just keep adding more words?

Xbox super-mega-ultra
Xbox super-mega-ultra-360
Xbox super-mega-ultra-360-Infinity

Obviously the "Xbox super-mega-ultra-360-Infinity" is the best version...

RE: Stick with version numbers
By CSMR on 4/30/2013 12:20:31 PM , Rating: 2
There are many infinities and some are larger than others.
The next Xbox could be called Xbox Aleph One, or Xbox Real, depending on Microsoft's stance on the .

Xbox live
By Ammohunt on 4/29/2013 11:12:14 AM , Rating: 2
Lets hope they open up Xbox live so that i don't have to pay for my internet twice. The Xbox will be infinity better then and only then.

RE: Xbox live
By inighthawki on 4/29/2013 11:16:10 AM , Rating: 2
Won't happen. They make a ton of money on live subscriptions and most people will pay it.

RE: Xbox live
By BRB29 on 4/29/2013 11:50:20 AM , Rating: 2
$50 a year is not that much. With the kind of data they have to handle and it's pretty much lag free every time i log on. TBH, they are either breaking even or only making very little.

RE: Xbox live
By nafhan on 4/29/2013 12:52:19 PM , Rating: 1
Uhm... MS has, in the past, mentioned that "half" of Xbox Live users are paying for Gold. Let's call that 20 million people.

$50 x 20 mil. = a billion dollars.

My numbers could be pretty far off, and they'd still be making piles of money off of just Gold subscription payments. For comparison, Netflix pulls in ~$100 per user each year handling what is likely orders of magnitude more data - and they're quite profitable!

RE: Xbox live
By SPOOFE on 4/29/2013 2:15:00 PM , Rating: 2
and they're quite profitable!

>10% profit margin, it seems like, with some hefty volatility in their bottom line for the past couple years. They're doing well, but they're hardly Scrooge McDuckin' 'round this joint.

RE: Xbox live
By BRB29 on 4/29/2013 5:58:16 PM , Rating: 2
You're right, the DLC makes them loads of money.

RE: Xbox live
By augiem on 4/30/2013 2:29:41 PM , Rating: 2

As for Xbox profitability, he argues that developers have always been the winners; that Microsoft has managed to break-even, but not do much better than that. He comments, "They’re just maybe a little bit above breakeven, that’s all there is. This is not a big money-making machine for Microsoft."

He's right too. I did an analysis of past annual reports from MS in this comment here: From 2002 to 2012 MS lost over $4B on Xbox and Xbox 360.

RE: Xbox live
By Vonrikken on 4/29/2013 2:26:36 PM , Rating: 2
RE: Xbox live
By BillyBatson on 4/29/2013 7:15:11 PM , Rating: 3
You get what you pay for.
And on that note I have absolutely no problem paying a very small fee of $50, that's hardly paying for your Internet twice.

Does not have a good ring to it at all
By elmikethemike on 4/29/2013 4:28:08 PM , Rating: 2
Xbox Infinity does not roll off the tongue very well at all. Too many syllables going on there or something. Then again this is MS and they don't have a flippin' clue when it comes to product design or marketing.

By OoklaTheMok on 4/29/2013 6:46:39 PM , Rating: 3
I keeping thinking of Xfinity when I read this

RE: Does not have a good ring to it at all
By StevoLincolnite on 4/29/2013 7:13:08 PM , Rating: 2
I wouldn't worry about it.

Even if they called it Xbox super ultra mega infinity 9000 people will still call it... "Xbox". - Much akin to the Xbox 360.

Plus, the infinity symbol is a side-ways 8, so it will probably tie into advertising efforts with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

RE: Does not have a good ring to it at all
By FITCamaro on 4/30/2013 8:32:58 AM , Rating: 2
I think most people refer to the Xbox 360 as "the 360". So the second word in the name does matter.

By karimtemple on 4/30/2013 10:09:39 AM , Rating: 2
Three-sixty is easier to say than Xbox. In the case of Xbox Infinity, I dunno. I guess Infinity is easier to say, maybe.

By Mint on 5/21/2013 2:08:52 AM , Rating: 2
I'm guessing the new console will be abbreviated to 'finity.

By datdamonfoo on 4/29/2013 10:52:09 AM , Rating: 4
But that's...OVER 9000!!!

RE: Infinity?
By GulWestfale on 4/29/2013 11:08:57 AM , Rating: 1
and the next one after that will be called "infinity +1". or "infinity and beyond". or "infiniti it's really just a nissan".

RE: Infinity?
By GulWestfale on 4/29/2013 11:33:23 AM , Rating: 2
downrated... lol i guess some "nissan" driver is butthurt hahahahaa

To Infinity and Beyond!
By geekman1024 on 4/29/2013 8:54:59 PM , Rating: 2
So what about the next next generation XBox?

XBox Beyond Infinity?

XBox Infinity Square?(Infinity Square is still Infinity, though)

XBox Zero?(for the prequel trend)

XBox SuperCaliFragyFunkySexy? (hmm...)

RE: To Infinity and Beyond!
By geekman1024 on 4/29/2013 8:59:56 PM , Rating: 2
Oh I forgot about the Always On should we call it XBox AO? Or maybe XBox IWBIA (I Won't Buy It Anyway).

Always On
By drlumen on 4/29/2013 12:35:11 PM , Rating: 1
Infinity as in infinitely connected?

Who needs big brother when you all will have Big Bill or Big Steve watching everything you do.

Play a game, M$ will approve it.
Watch a movie, it gets logged in Redmond.
Walk through the room and M$ gets pinged.
Add a camera and mic for Skype and ... you get the point.

RE: Always On
By geekman1024 on 4/29/2013 9:11:14 PM , Rating: 2
you better not walk around in your room naked, in front of the Kinect Infinity Controller.

The Infinity Name Is a Hoax
By Arsynic on 4/29/2013 2:41:39 PM , Rating: 3
Forbes should fire the hack writing these articles. The "Infinity" logo is a chop from Reddit. Some of his information seems to be lifted from other rumors.

That's no Infinity...
By Voldenuit on 4/29/13, Rating: 0
RE: That's no Infinity...
By inighthawki on 4/29/2013 4:04:54 PM , Rating: 2
Quite possibly one of the dumbest jokes I've heard in a really long time...

can't top that
By BRB29 on 4/29/2013 11:51:36 AM , Rating: 2
I guess the next iteration will be Y Box.

This just in..
By inperfectdarkness on 4/29/2013 12:02:03 PM , Rating: 2
Microsoft anticipates the failure rate of the XBOX infinity to be reduced to only 1 in 5 units.

The name
By Vaz on 4/29/2013 1:25:41 PM , Rating: 2
The name likely comes from Halo4, the human starship known as Infinity, the largest ever made by humanity, now dominating the Galaxy. It will likely be operational through Halo6.

The Controller
By Arsynic on 4/29/2013 1:49:28 PM , Rating: 2
The controller is likely using the same technology as the MS Arc touch mouse. So people can't say that MS ripped off Sony's PS4 controller.

The Arc Mouse is integral for Windows 8 if you don't have a touch screen.

By TexMurphy on 4/30/2013 7:51:01 AM , Rating: 2
Forbes cites sources at Microsoft who say the new console will be a generational incremental improvement from the current Xbox 360.

Wow, what a scoop! The next generation will be a generational increment from the previous generation!

skip every other
By cmart on 4/30/2013 10:58:29 AM , Rating: 2
Everyone knows you should skip every other Microsoft release. I'll wait for the Infinity 2.

By p05esto on 4/29/13, Rating: -1
"So, I think the same thing of the music industry. They can't say that they're losing money, you know what I'm saying. They just probably don't have the same surplus that they had." -- Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA

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