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Could your car be hacked by cybercriminals? Document released by Wikileaks appear to show the CIA was looking into technology to remotely take over the control systems of cars and trucks. Will your car be vulnerable to cybercriminals? Especially when it comes to Self-Driving cars.  More detail:
The Smart button controlled by your fingerprints
A smart button controlled by your fingerprints was one of the gadgets on display at the recent wearable Technology show.
For more detail: see Click’s website and @BBCClick.
Google develops invisible web security Captcha form
Captcha checks and ask people to complete a puzzle that a computer would struggle to complete correctly. This new system tracks how a person interacts with a website to prove they are real. Read more: Technology report
Travelers need to know.
If you are traveling, make sure that you have portable battery to charge your electronics and do not use public outlets. This may make your device vulnerable to theft.
Are you looking for a healthy meal on the go?
When it comes to healthy meal really does not matter where you get from, as long as you pick food with low sodium and low in calories too. These days’ people eat out on the run; so the choose will be the fast food chains that not only are affordable also deliver fast as well.  According to a report the followings are suggested for health –conscious and weight watchers:
If you are thinking of eating kind of meat, A- it is better to have small Flame Grilled Burger with vegies but no Mayo and low sodium. B - you could get by with a Grilled Steak soft Taco too. C - salad lovers, Grilled Chicken Salad with variety of greens is the best, which has protein and is low in calorie. D - next is veggie sandwich, which subway 6-in Veggie Delite comes to mind. E– Chipotle: Bowl of romaine Salad with chicken, black beans, tomato, vegetables, and some cheese.
 F- there are a few Chicken Sandwiches that you could have it simple and low calories
By having: - Grilled Chicken sandwich with lettuce and some cheese, or Grilled Chicken Nuggets, so if this is what you want then go to Chik-fil-a.  – Of course you always could have any king of Grilled Chicken even along with some vegetables by visiting KFC.  We all know that food is healthy, as long as we don’t over consume, as it is said: eat less but eat more frequently.

"Let's face it, we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap - and watch porn." -- Seagate CEO Bill Watkins
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