These days the question is when will Apple release new iMacs? What kind of features and up dates we should expect.

We gathered the rumors about it, we think the new iMac will feature AMD Radeon Polaris graphics chips and might even be VR-ready. Now the question is will Apple update its desktop line by adding Intel Kaby Lake processor chips, or it will be design changes and what new features should we expect in the next generation of iMacs?

Where there had been no update since October of 2015, and before that it was on 2014 and 2013 that Apple added Haswell processors, new graphics, Wi-Fi and faster PC le flash storage option.
For the same reason we are looking to the new iMac launch that may be very soon.

The Best Buy leak discussed in the processor section and strongly suggests that the retailer has had advance warning of an imminent launch along with a list of updates what we may see on next-gen of iMacs.

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New iMac with wireless keyboard and mouse

Apple CEO hints at future of the 2017 iMac and release date: Apple CEO Tim Cook gave an interesting response to a question about the future of the iMac, by mentioning the 5K iMac in his response. At this point, these are possibilities that may appear in the next iMac. 

Kaby Lake processor in the 2017 iMac is the i7-7700. Tom’s Hardware got hold of a device they think to be pre-release sample of that chip. Still it is possible that Apple will go with i7-7700K rather than i7-7700 that will change whether 4.2GHz is used under normal circumstances and 4.8GHz will be used when overclocked. Here is new 2017 Apple Graphics chip: Graphics chips from AMD’s Polaris set, which were announced at the start of 2016.



iMac Accessories:


And it is going to be two Polaris chipsets 10 (Ellesmere) and 11(Baffin), “these processors will appear in new desktops and Notebooks from Apple and plans to bring to market later this year”, said WCCF Tech.

The new 21.5” iMac wih4K Retina display will launch next week, according to “multiple reliable sources” States 9to 5Mac in a report.

As reported by one of the developer betas for OS x10.11 ElCap21.5” 1.4GHzdual –core i5 included a reference to a Mac with a 4096x2304 resolution display.

The current line up is priced as follows:

21.5” 1.4GHz dual –core i5 under $1200

21.5” 2.7GHz quad –core i5 under $1400

21.5” 2.9GHz quad –core i5 under $1500

27”    3.2 quad- corei5              under $1900

27” Retina 5K, 3.3 quad –core i5 under $2000

27” Retina 5K display, 3.5 quad-corei5, under $2400

Of course these are all guessing games, but we will report as new information rollout.   




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