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Farm will provide tax boosts and jobs for the surrounding area

New York will soon receive its first solar farm thanks to the Green County Industrial Development Agency (IDA), who is purchasing the land in Coxsackie, and Cornerstone Power Development, who will lease the 128 acres of land. 

The $60 million solar farm will be a 15-megawatt facility, but could grow to 20-megawatts. It is expected to generate $2.6 million in tax revenue over the next 25 years, which is a significant boost for the town of Coxsackie. 

"It has a current agricultural exemption and it generates about $1,100 a year," said Sandy Mathes, IDA Executive Director. "If we were to increase that by three percent per year for the next 25 years, that property would generate about $45,000 in total taxes. Under this project and the plan that we expect to implement, that number would go to $2.6 million providing incredibly valuable new revenue to our taxing jurisdictions."

The construction of this new solar farm is also expected to generate jobs. During the construction phase, 25 to 30 jobs will be required. After the solar farm is completed, five to six full-time positions will be needed to run it. 

The use of utility-scale solar fields is not as common in the northeastern U.S. as it is in western states like California and Arizona because there is considerably less sunlight in this area (which makes large scale use of solar fields not so cost-effective). But with the price of solar panels going down, a solar farm has become a beneficial addition and will help New York (and eventually other U.S. states, hopefully) leap into the world of renewable energy

"As the economy improves again, we're going to need new power plants," said Daniel Somers, a Cornerstone Power Development executive. "We feel that solar is starting to make sense."

Coxsackie's solar farm is not the only farm currently in-progress in New York. According to Mathes, a large-scale solar farm is being built on Long Island as well, but the Coxsackie farm is expected to be completed first. 

In addition to building the utility-scale solar field, the IDA will also create a program that will allow businesses and homes to utilize solar power as well by installing smaller versions of the solar equipment on their buildings/homes.

"We will hold anyone's hand that wants us to," said Mathes. "We want to take away the intimidation."

The solar farm in Croxsackie will be built between Flint Mine Road and Farm to Market Road, and is expected to begin construction next year. It will bring electricity to thousands of homes by 2012 when it is sold into the electrical grid. 

"This is a great project and great use of that property," said Alexander Betke, town supervisor.

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