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Windows Vista Media Center just got a whole lot better

When we last touched on the topic of Windows SideShow, Asustek was showing off its W5Fe "dual-screen" notebook. In addition to the traditional 12.1" screen for typical everyday use, the notebook also features a second LCD display on the LCD cover to access information like calendar data, emails, music and pictures. All of this can be done without actually booting up the laptop which saves battery power.

It looks as though more companies are jumping onto the SideShow bandwagon and two new Windows Vista Media Center remotes have been announced which take advantage of the technology.

Interlink has announced its RF-based SideLink remote which enables user to navigate through music albums, video clips, photographs as well as schedule recording and access EPG data directly from the remote. All of this can be done without booting up your PC to the Windows desktop.

Over at Engadget is yet another new SideShow remote. Ricavision's SideShow remote is both infrared and Bluetooth Class 1 capable device with a range of 100 meters. The remote features a 2.5" QVGA display and comes with a USB RC6 (IR) and Bluetooth Class 1 receiver. The Ricavision remote will set you back $200 when it hits the market in April of next year.

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