Apple iPhone 6 will launch on September 9

As we get closer to the September 9 launch of the iPhone 6, more and more leaks are starting to drip from Apple’s supply chain. Today, we’ve got two separate reports pertaining to the 4.7” iPhone 6.
First up are images showing the 4.7” iPhone 6’s aluminum chassis paired with its display panel. When looking at the device from the side, you can see that the front glass is actually tapered slightly to match the radius curves of the aluminum body.

Overall, the look is reminiscent not only of the existing products like the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display, but also of a first generation iPhone that got flattened by a steamroller.

In other iPhone 6 news, a new schematic has leaked which shows that the camera ring will protrude slightly from the body of the smartphone (similar to fifth generation iPod touch).

Protruding "camera ring" on fifth generation iPod touch

The leak claims that the first prototype for the camera ring protruded 0.77mm out from the body, however, that was trimmed to 0.67mm with the second generation prototype.
Apple regularly attempts to find ways to makes its devices thinner and thinner, and it appears that the company was able to succeed with a 7mm device thickness for the iPhone 6 (compared to 7.5mm for the iPhone 5S). However, Apple is unlikely to be able to cram in high-quality optics and image stabilization in an increasingly thin package, hence the camera ring protrusion.

[Image Source: Mac Rumors]
Definite shoo-ins for the iPhone 6 include a higher resolution “Retina” display, Apple A8 processor, next generation Touch ID sensor, 802.11ac wireless connectivity, and LTE-A support. The iPhone 6 will also reportedly ship with a new Lighting cable that has a reversible USB connector.

Sources: Mac Rumors [1], [2]

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