A vision in white, the newest version of the Playstation offers a bigger hard drive and will soon be available, but only in Japan.

New versions of the PlayStation 3 will soon begin popping up at local stores in Japan. The popular game console will first surface in Japan on July 29.  It is speculated that they will eventually be released in America.  Right now the company will only say that they will factor in the market demands.

The standard console now has a choice of colors -- "classic white" or black – and hard drive sizes of up to 320GB.  It will cost about $340 USD.

Also offered and exclusive to Japan will be a bundle pack featuring the 160GB in charcoal black.  It will cost around $420, but will include the “PlayStation 3 Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Recorder Pack”, Torne DVR Periferal.

Sony will also offer a PS3 Slim with a charcoal case and a 320GB hard drive for $400. 

Sony will no longer sell the PS3 Slim in 120GB and 250GB sizes.  Instead they will be gaining a jump in size to 160GB and 320GB. 

The new white version comes with a color-matched DualShock 3 controller and console stand.  

The Xbox 360 recently got a facelift; the console has a slimmer, quieter profile with built-in Wi-Fi.

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