More than one flavor, 'Montevina' is expected to show in less than a year from now

Previously, DailyTech reported that Intel's plan for 2008 would include a entirely new mobile platform called Montevina. To recap, Montevina will be based on Intel's upcoming 45-nm quad-core Penryn processor, and include a new chipset series that replaces the one in Santa Rosa.

Intel guidance this week revealed that a number of changes have taken place. Intel will offer two versions of its 2008 mobile platform -- Montevina Fundamental and Montevina Professional.

Montevina Professional:

  • Penryn-based
  • Cantiga GM/PM chipsets with ICH9M-Enhanced
  • Echo Peak 3x3 AGN or 1x2 AGN
  • Shirley Peak 3x3 AGN or 1x2 AGN
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Intel AMT 4.0
  • Intel VT-x and VT-d
  • Intel Turbo Memory 2.0

Montevina Fundamental:

  • Penryn-based
  • Cantiga GM and PM chipsets with ICH9M
  • Echo Peak 3x3 AGN or 1x2 AGN
  • Shirley Peak 3x3 AGN or 1x2 AGN

Several main differences between the two flavors are Gig-E connectivity, Intel's virtualization technology, and the inclusion of Intel's Robson solid state memory -- now called Intel Turbo Memory 2.0. Intel documents also indicate that May 6th of 2007 will be the official launch date for Turbo Memory 1.0, with 512MB and 1GB variations. As we outlined previously, Turbo Memory 1.0 will debut as part of the Santa Rosa platform, and move over to Montevina in 2008 as Turbo Memory 2.0 -- offering faster performance and larger capacities.

Montevina's networking capabilities include what Intel now calls Echo Peak and Shirley Peak, which are new codenames for Intel's combo Wi-Fi/WiMAX adapter and single Wi-Fi (802.11n) adapter respectively. Both Montevina platforms will be able to connect to Wi-Fi and the faster WiMAX technologies.

Montevina is expected to appear in Q2 2008.

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007
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