The report was conducted by 1,250 international experts and approved by 194 governments

A new report claims that climate change can be halted affordably by eliminating fossil fuels entirely in the coming decades and embracing renewable energy instead. 

According to The Guardian, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report that says a worldwide rollout of clean energy would only cut a small fraction off economic growth. 

The IPCC report said that putting hundreds of billions of dollars into renewable energy and the cutting of energy waste instead of fossil fuels  would shave just 0.06 percent off expected annual economic growth rates of 1.3 percent to 3 percent.

In other words, the longer we wait to push fossil fuels out and implement renewable energy, the more difficult and costly such a venture will become. 


“It is actually affordable to do it and people are not going to have to sacrifice their aspirations about improved standards of living,” said Professor Jim Skea, an energy expert at Imperial College London and co-chair of the IPCC report team. “It is not a hair shirt change of lifestyle at all that is being envisaged and there is space for poorer countries to develop too."

The report further said that delays in acting could also force extreme measures to be taken, such as sucking CO2 out of the air through burning plants and trees that had absorbed carbon from the atmosphere. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is then used to bury the emissions. 

By acting now, the report says that air pollution can be reduced while energy security is increased. It added that quick action can still limit global warming to 2C -- which is the internationally agreed safe limit -- if low-carbon energy triples or quadruples by 2050.

The report says that renewable energy like wind, solar and hydropower are best replacements, considering they're becoming cheaper to use. Biofuels and nuclear power were mentioned as well, but the two have food supply and safety concerns respectively to deal with. 

The report was conducted by 1,250 international experts and approved by 194 governments.

Source: The Guardian

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