If the bill were to pass, the Consumer Product Safety Commission would have 180 days to place the new warning label on almost all games

Two House Representatives introduced a bill called "The Violence Video Games Labeling Act, H.R. 4204" on Monday, which warns buyers that video games can cause aggressive behavior.

The bill was proposed by Reps. Joe Baca (D-Calif.) and Frank Wolf (R-Va.). It aims to place warning labels on video games that say, "WARNING: Exposure to violent video games has been linked to aggressive behavior."

The bill wouldn't target any games specifically, or even just violent video games. It would make sure the label is placed on any and all video games despite their rating.

If the bill were to pass, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) would have 180 days to place the new warning label on all games from rating "E" for everyone to "M" mature or "A" for adult. The only games that will not need the label are those rated "EC" for early childhood.

"Just as we warn smokers of the health consequences of tobacco, we should warn parents -- and children -- about the growing scientific evidence demonstrating a relationship between violent video games and violent behavior," said Wolf. "As a parent and grandparent, I think it is important people know everything they can about the extremely violent nature of some of these games."

There have been many conflicting findings in studies that try to prove if violent video games cause aggressive behavior. In 2007, a Texas A&M International University researcher found that there was no real link between violent video games and aggressive behavior through a meta-analytic review of studies published since 1995.

Last year, researchers at the University of Missouri found that violent video games desensitized players to violent photos and heightened overall aggression because they were so used to being exposed to violence in video games. Later last year, an Indiana University School of Medicine researcher found that violent video games create changes in the brain acitivity of adult males, desensitizing them to violent images.

But not everyone agrees with these findings. Just last month, the state of California was left with a $2 million bill after its violent video game law failed to win the final appeal.

Source: The Hill

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