At the heart of ASUS's new corporate structure hides a little secret

Six months ago, ASUS quietly announced it would split the company into three separate entities.

An ASUS employee, speaking on conditions of anonymity, thinks change is for the better.  "I think the motherboard market has reached its ceiling," he states.

ASUS management certainly feels the same. Effective immediately, the corporation is now three entities.  Pegatron is the name of the new component manufacturing company.  All motherboards and PC-related products are now part of this company.  Unihan, a second company, will handle all chassis and sub-component manufacturing.  ASUS proper, a third company, will focus entirely on notebooks and systems. 

If the move sounds similar to the failed Gigabyte United merger between ASUS and Gigabyte, don't be alarmed.  It is.  Once again, ASUS proper can divest its OEM business in order to focus on the ASUS brand.  The company feels it can have it both ways: leveraging the ASUS brand at the OEM level while keeping its retail and OEM businesses separate.

So if Pegatron and Unihan still use the ASUS name, what changed at ASUS?  Under the new corporate entity, ASUS employees were paid out all pension plans regardless of maturity as of January 1, 2008.  All employees at the three new companies must start their tenure from scratch.

This may certainly seem archaic, if not illegal in the U.S., though the majority of Taiwanese companies offer no pension plans.  As of March 2007, Taiwanese companies and citizens are allowed to let the government invest pension funds in a state-run super-fund.

The ASUS employee closes on a note of optimism.  "I think you will see more ASUS notebooks in the U.S. from now on."

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