Customers that select Mobile Share Value plans of 15GB or higher can get the double the data

AT&T is looking to sweeten some of its Mobile Share Value plans starting today with a new promotion that lasts through October 31. Under the promotion, new customers that sign up for plans that originally included 15GB, 20GB, 30GB, 40GB, or 50GB of data (with two or more lines) will see those data pools double at no additional charge.
Customers that choose Mobile Share Value plans of 10GB or less are unfortunately out of luck with this new promotion.

Although you only have a one-month window to take advantage of the offer, AT&T will allow any customer that signs up for the doubling promotion to keep their heftier data limits as long as they stick within that pricing tier or until they cancel their service. If you choose to change your plan after the promotion period ends on October 31, you will have to select from the original data tiers.
Existing customers that already have a Mobile Share Value plan can call in to AT&T’s customer service center (or visit an AT&T store) during the promotional period to have their data doubled as well — it is not an automatic upgrade, unfortunately.

Source: AT&T

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