Internal package now uses cardboard

Previous packaing also saw some CPUs shift out of place

The CPUs are now securely kept in place - photos courtesy of Flickerdown
AMD has changed the packaging internals from the green "biodegrable" material to plain white cardboard.

Sources close to AMD have informed us that the company is quietly upgrading its packaging for processors, which previously caused some problems for end users. Anyone who has received AMD Retail PIB (Processor in Box) processors is surely familiar with the infamous "green" biodegradable packaging material that was used to stabilize the processor and the HSF.  The infamy of this packaging material was based on numerous accounts of the material destroying itself during shipping, leaving a fine green powder or chunks of it across the processor, heatsink and fan. 

This causes numerous headaches for the end user because it requires a few shots of compressed air or lint-free cloth in order to properly clean it up.  AMD has recently quietly changed from this packaging material, opting instead for a white cardboard stabilization unit that keeps the processor in place.  It is unknown how long it will take to permeate the entire shipping line of processors, so be aware that you may continue to receive the green packing material for some time as distributors clear their warehouses.  Pictures are available here for your perusal.

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