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The center will provide intelligence and warnings on cyber security threats when complete

In today's modern world, communications and access to network resources are a vital part of our infrastructure and our defense capability. An increasing number of cyber security threats pose a risk to our country by disrupting communications and data networks at home.

To help combat the risk of cyber security threats, the NSA is set to build a new $1.5 billion cyber security data center to help provide intelligence and warnings related to cyber security threats across the government. InformationWeek reports that the NSA will soon break ground on the project in Utah. The data center will also support and help civilian agencies and offer technical assistance to the Department of Homeland Security.

Sen. Robert Bennett of Utah said, "Our country must continue to advance its national security efforts and that includes improvements in cyber security. As we rely more and more on our communications networks for business, government, and everyday use, we must be vigilant and provide agencies with the necessary resources to protect our country from a cyber attack."

The location for the data center is Camp Williams, which is a National Guard Training center 26 miles south of Salt Lake City. InformationWeek reports that the location was chosen for its ability to access cheap power, communications infrastructure, and availability of space. The complex will eventually have 1.5 million square feet of space on 120 to 200 acres.

The data center will need 30-megawatts of power, will be cooled by chilled water, and have T3 or near carrier grade reliability. A conference will be hosted by the U.S. Army Corps of engineers  in Salt Lake City to provide further details on the data center building and the plans for the facility.

The construction of the data center will employ between 5,000 and 10,000 workers and the data center will employ between 100 and 200 workers when complete.

The U.S. Military announced it was creating its new cyber defense department in June with plans for the new unit to be operational this month.

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Ultimate Honeypot
By nafhan on 10/30/2009 11:37:05 AM , Rating: 4
I would imagine this will be the ultimate target for a lot of hacker groups, and could potentially decrease the number of attacks elsewhere just by it's mere existence.

RE: Ultimate Honeypot
By RjBass on 10/30/2009 12:00:32 PM , Rating: 2
This I agree with.

RE: Ultimate Honeypot
By Regs on 10/30/2009 12:59:46 PM , Rating: 4
1970's or so -- we're planning to design a network that has no central data center,hub, or other location. "A network of networks". All the information will be shared and interconnected. This is so if one network goes down, we still have all other independent networks operational.

2010-- We're going to construct a central data and processing center that routes to all networks in the United States. We also seem to be running a little short on red tape.....

RE: Ultimate Honeypot
By TSS on 10/30/2009 12:51:17 PM , Rating: 2
Partially. You don't hack the NSA unless your willing to go to jail for a very long time, if your lucky. I hear they don't want to be messed with.

i for one would like to see more info. What, exactly, is a cyber threat to the government?

Somebody voicing their discontent with the current government is obviously a threat to that government, doing it via a blog makes it a cyberthreat.....

I agree there needs to be some sort of cyber security. I'm just worried on how it can be abused.

RE: Ultimate Honeypot
By rdeegvainl on 10/30/2009 2:21:20 PM , Rating: 2
A cyber threat to the US government would most likely be coming from another country, where they would have little chance to prosecute the offender, i.e. China, that would affect the security of the country, and the secrecy of it's organizations, not just the current administration.

RE: Ultimate Honeypot
By Jaybus on 10/30/2009 3:03:55 PM , Rating: 2
Prosecution?? I would imagine it would be more like counter-attack.

RE: Ultimate Honeypot
By White Widow on 10/30/2009 6:35:13 PM , Rating: 2
i for one would like to see more info. What, exactly, is a cyber threat to the government?"

Here it is:

Echelon Version 2010
By iFX on 10/30/2009 12:30:51 PM , Rating: 2
Move along, nothing to see here.

RE: Echelon Version 2010
By PandaBear on 10/30/2009 1:01:19 PM , Rating: 2
Must be where we put the super computer that simulate the next generation nuclear weapon.

By mmcdonalataocdotgov on 11/2/2009 7:43:17 AM , Rating: 2
This is not a simulation installation. We already have those for nuclear weapon modeling. NSA is a signal intelligence agency. Internet communications are signals, of course.

By bobcpg on 10/30/2009 11:07:47 AM , Rating: 4
1.5B X 1.6 (GEF) = Total cost 2.4B

GEF = Govt Efficient Factor

RE: Factor
By mdogs444 on 10/30/09, Rating: -1
Oh the irony...
By Hieyeck on 10/30/2009 2:34:05 PM , Rating: 2
Best practices say there shouldn't be a single point of failure, yet a whole nation's security is being focused at a single "centre".


RE: Oh the irony...
By SiliconAddict on 10/31/2009 4:12:45 PM , Rating: 1
Umm no. Best practices have a data center with a hot standby side outside the area. From a physical security standpoint multiple points of entry due to nation wide distribution is NOT a good idea. Then you have to concern yourself with multiple staffings for locations, additional safeguards that I'm guessing will have each location firewalled off from every other one, and on and on raising the price even further. It really boils down to what you are trying to protect. This thing is obviously going to be doing more monitoring then data storage (Relative of course. There is still probably going to be a metric shit ton of telemetry data being collected.) so national distribution makes no sense, we aren't talking Google and Gmail after all.

Why Build?
By hiscross on 10/30/2009 6:57:43 PM , Rating: 2
After next week, The $1.5B Yankee Stadium will be available or after December the $1.5B Cowboys Stadium will be available. To use either NSA would only to buy season tickets for both. They can also get one of those luxury rooms for management. Just think, they will have brand new facilities for backup and failover, plus get to watch some real good sports. On top of that, Cowboys Stadium has that really big display. Just think how many windows one can open on their PCs. I am happy NSA is running the show and not DHS,

In related news...
By IcePickFreak on 10/31/2009 4:59:43 AM , Rating: 2
IcePickFreak has announced he will purchase a Bugatti Veyron which is estimated to cost $1.7M.

"I'm ridiculously in debt," IcePick reported "but after the private celebration at the bank when I picked up my check for the Bugatti I feel reassured it's the right thing to do." Estimates put IcePick's current debt at a staggering $203M "Another day, another million dollars." he chuckled while leaving the bank with check in hand.

IcePick recently acquired a second source of income as a Sales Consultant at a local porn & smoke shop to help pay down the debt "It's the responsible thing to do." he commented.

IcePick states the vehicle is a necessity so that he can commute between his day job at McDonald's and his new job at Smoke 'n Video.

Due to the tight scheduling of his hours and the distance between the two jobs, a lesser vehicle was not an option. "Look, do you want me to pay off this debt or not? If I can't make it to my second job it's going to take forever to pay it off!" IcePick said to Katie Couric on 60 minutes last week.

After a heart-felt tear shedding with Katie, he went on to state "It's a play straight out of the government play book; spend big now or be in debt forever. With the addition of the Bugatti to my stable of supercars, and in turn the secondary source of income it will provide I will be able to pay off my debt in half the time - that's only half of forever!"

Many critics were quick to chastise IcePick, who fired right back,"It takes money to make money! Besides, I took another play right out of the government handbook. The loans use all my neighbors assets for collateral. I'll be long gone when the collectors come knocking..." he stated in a phone interview from his home in the south of France [purchased for research into French Fries for his day job] "...and I'm having a hell of a good time, so why stop now?"

By SiliconAddict on 10/31/2009 4:19:53 PM , Rating: 2
Seriously. there are plenty of decomed solos out there that could probably make a superb data center. No only do they have a resilience to natural disasters, but from a terrorist attempt to cripple such a site, it would be pretty damn hard. That and setting up a hot standby site would make the design virtually identical.

By NuclearDelta on 11/1/2009 3:32:51 AM , Rating: 2
All this for one blackberry?

I've seen this movie...
By HighWing on 11/2/2009 7:47:12 PM , Rating: 2
Suddenly the plot to Eagle Eye comes to mind.... but then I realize that's just a movie and we would never do something so stupid.

But I am curious as the article doesn't mention how long they think it will be before Skynet is operational....

By icanhascpu on 10/30/2009 11:40:01 AM , Rating: 1
I can see the news on DT in a year or so; Delays to the new security data-center completion due to hackers.

I see You
By JoeWho on 10/30/2009 12:34:57 PM , Rating: 1
They just added you to the LIST.

"Cyber Center"
By tehbrosta on 10/30/09, Rating: -1
RE: "Cyber Center"
By SiliconAddict on 10/31/2009 4:04:24 PM , Rating: 2
tehbrosta your tinfoil hat is slipping.

RE: "Cyber Center"
By roykahn on 11/2/2009 2:49:51 AM , Rating: 2
But if the government can't spy on its citizens, how will it catch all the scary terorists? Besides, I thought the US gave up personal freedom with the Patriot Act already.

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