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Netflix may be purchasing its first original program, "House of Cards," which is a drama series that is executive produced and directed by David Fincher, and also executive produced by and starring Kevin Spacey

Several recent reports have glorified Netflix as a new power player in the film industry, and now, the video streaming giant may be living up to that name more than ever with its new possible venture into original programming. 

survey recently released by The NPD Group found that Netflix's total share of both downloaded and streamed digital movie units is 61 percent, while competitors like Comcast sit at a lowly 8 percent in comparison. This doesn't seem too surprising, considering the fact that Netflix has just achieved 20 million subscribers, and has Hollywood film executives all shook up and Blockbuster going bankrupt. Until now, Netflix never mentioned any interest in branching out into original programming, but all of that has quickly changed.

Now, Netflix may be purchasing its first original program, which is "House of Cards." "House of Cards" is a Media Rights Capital drama series that is executive produced and directed by David Fincher, and stars Kevin Spacey. It is based on the novel, which has the same title, about a British politician who is looking to succeed Margaret Thatcher as the prime minister.  

Negotiations are still ongoing since they were initially reported Tuesday afternoon. According to Deadline, Netflix was rumored to have outbid networks like AMC and HBO for the original series by offering a 26-episode, or two-season commitment. The total cost for the new series was also rumored to be around $100 million, but an anonymous executive told The New York Times that this figure was incorrect and that no deal has been made at this point. He added, "In the event that a deal is struck, it would cost Netflix significantly less."  

Television executives were shocked at the two-season commitment, especially because many networks usually pilot their projects before committing. For instance, HBO produces a pilot episode for almost all of its shows, including "Luck" and "Boardwalk Empire." Networks like AMC have produced straight-to-series projects, such as "The Walking Dead," but this series only contained six episodes. 

While 26 episodes may seem like a risky first venture into original programming, it will certainly put Netflix to the test and also put its name on the map. With treading into the video streaming world and Warner Bros. showing movies on Facebook, it was inevitable that Netflix would take the next big leap into something new.

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Netflix to Acquire SyFy?
By arthur449 on 3/16/2011 10:32:12 AM , Rating: 1
If Netflix acquired SyFy it could add crappy original streaming content to the rest of their lackluster streaming content.

But seriously, bad movies nights with the friends just might become more awesome in the future.

RE: Netflix to Acquire SyFy?
By kattanna on 3/16/2011 10:37:08 AM , Rating: 3
now that would actually be entertaining. some days i actually enjoy "scifi original" movies for the sheer silliness of them.

i wonder though, if the airing of the spartacus series and how well that went for them whetted their appetite.

and i applaud them on their bold move to generate actual content on a series. am getting tired of these mini seasons of show that only make a handful of episodes

RE: Netflix to Acquire SyFy?
By Mitch101 on 3/16/2011 12:08:16 PM , Rating: 2
Certainly adding plenty of content for MST3K to return.

RE: Netflix to Acquire SyFy?
By dgingeri on 3/16/2011 11:01:13 AM , Rating: 2
I think Hulu is more Likely to acquire SyFy. Hulu already has more "original" programming for the American market with many anime shows. Netflix will fail to compete directly with Hulu, but they could add supplemental programming in the form of original shows and win.

RE: Netflix to Acquire SyFy?
By swampthing1117 on 3/16/2011 12:18:41 PM , Rating: 3
yeah because there's a huge demand for anime.

Hulu isn't competing with anyone. They have squat for content, don't even have full seasons of many shows. And they want 9.99? For what? Hulu is garbage.

RE: Netflix to Acquire SyFy?
By Schrag4 on 3/16/2011 12:58:22 PM , Rating: 2
I don't pay for Hulu, but my understanding is that for free you generally get the last 6 hours or episodes (whichever is less), and of course that varies from network to network. Basically, you can watch the same shows by going directly to the networks' websites but it's all in one place, with a better media player.

I thought paid Hulu got you full seasons (even previous ones). Is that not true? At any rate, I use (free) Hulu several times a week and I love it. I wouldn't call it "garbage" at any rate.

RE: Netflix to Acquire SyFy?
By dgingeri on 3/16/2011 2:22:41 PM , Rating: 2
I watch Chuck, Burn Notice, and Fringe through Hulu rather than the networks. Too many commercials on the networks. I don't pay for any of it.

RE: Netflix to Acquire SyFy?
By RamarC on 3/16/2011 4:21:56 PM , Rating: 2
NBC/Universal owns SyFy and NBC/Universal is part of the joint venture that owns hulu. So hulu buying SyFy makes little sense.

And airing foreign produced anime is not "original programming."

RE: Netflix to Acquire SyFy?
By rburnham on 3/17/2011 8:40:43 PM , Rating: 2
There are so many awesomely bad horror and sci-fi movies on Netflix, I just cannot get enough. Thankskilling anyone?

RE: Netflix to Acquire SyFy?
By ancient46 on 3/19/2011 12:48:53 PM , Rating: 2
The government approved the sale of 51% of NBC Universal, the owner of SyFy, to Comcast on Jan 29. I doubt the new owner and operator of the channel will be willing to sell to Netflix any time soon.

By The Raven on 3/16/2011 2:17:32 PM , Rating: 2
I love Netflix, but I hate exclusivity deals. It screws with the free market and virtually manipulates the simpletons out there. On the other hand I can see why Netflix wants/needs to fight fire with fire. I hate Hollywood studios and the childish games they play. If you want people to watch your movie...make a good movie. If you want people to use your streaming service...make a good service. I wish it were as simple as that.

RE: Exclusivity
By UNHchabo on 3/17/2011 11:46:03 AM , Rating: 2
I think there's a decent chance that Netflix will distribute this series more widely, at least on DVD. It's only for now that it'll be exclusive to Netflix subscribers.

RE: Exclusivity
By Kiffberet on 3/21/2011 9:14:52 AM , Rating: 2
The problem with quite a few of these tv series is that they commit to a certain number of episodes and then write the script to fill the episodes. Rather than having great script to fill 6 episodes, they stretch the plot out for 20 episodes of cr@d.

What you end up with is cr@p like Heroes season 2+3, Battlestar Galactica, Lost etc, where they've clearly run out of ideas and are just adding boring fillers.

I remember when the writers when on strike and loads of episodes couldn't be filmed, half way through a season!!
Surely the plot and story SHOULD have been written before they even started filming...

Netflix as an alternative TV network
By RamarC on 3/16/2011 3:46:14 PM , Rating: 2
I'd love to see Netflix get original content, or revive stuff that got canned by the networks.

For instance, make a couple new episodes of "The Dresden Files" or "The Night Stalker". Embed a couple of commercials in them. Then track viewing... if enough people view, make some more.

It would be similar to how "Futurama" and "Family Guy" were resurrected after they found new viewers in syndication.

By YashBudini on 3/16/2011 8:06:52 PM , Rating: 2
Fox probably won't renew Fringe, here's to hoping somebody else pics it up.

Almost capped my pants
By bupkus on 3/16/2011 1:05:37 PM , Rating: 2
I'm a big fan of netflix. I can be anywhere where there's true broadband and watch some TV series or documentary on my laptop.
Watching Law & Order I've only had a couple episodes that didn't sync voice and picture properly. I reported it a week ago but still they haven't done the fix.
I just wish they could partner up with other original content providers to get Breaking Bad and some old HBO programming.
With their rapid growth I'm afraid they will up their fees especially if they don't have real competition.
Any business that can distribute products for less is bound to be a success. Contracting to produce their own is a step into manufacturing which is a whole new challenge.

"Spreading the rumors, it's very easy because the people who write about Apple want that story, and you can claim its credible because you spoke to someone at Apple." -- Investment guru Jim Cramer
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