Netflix may have passed HBO for US subscriber numbers

Netflix recently reported its Q3 results showing that it is making significant steps in catching and surpassing HBO in U.S. subscribers. Netflix is currently the world's largest subscription video service and is believed to have reached about 30 million paying customers as of September 30 according to analytics firm Needham & Co.

To compare, HBO has been estimated 28.7 million subscribers. One way that Netflix has transformed itself into a web-based television network is by delivering original series such as House of Cards along with films and TV shows.
Netflix is also looking to boost its subscriber count further by talking with cable providers in the U.S. including Cox Communications, Suddenlink Communications, and others to offer its streaming service inside their set-top boxes.
Bloomberg looked at the subscriber estimates from eight different analysts and came up with an average estimate of 31 million subscribers during Q3 for Netflix. The number represents about a 4% gain compared to June when Netflix had 29.8 million estimated subscribers.

If Netflix remains on course some analysts believe that by the end of 2013 it could have 43.8 million subscribers. Analysts also believe that over time Netflix will be able to reach 60 to 90 million subscribers. 

Source: Bloomberg

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