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Don't worry, the cars won't be required to fly as well

According to a recent report by the The National Academy of Sciences' National Research Council (NAS NRC), America has a petroleum problem. Petroleum consumption by light vehicles accounts for 17 percent of the nation's annual greenhouse gas emissions, and sends $300M USD overseas to oft-hostile foreign nations.

I. 100 MPG, More Taxes, Please

NAS NRC has released recommendations for reducing America's oil dependence, some of which will likely be welcomed; others of which will be extremely controversial.  The most head turning demand is a call for President Barack to support an initiative to demand a 100 mpg CAFE standard by 2050.

No, that estimate doesn't include zero-emissions (electric) vehicles; it's based on a sub-standard of 95 mpg for cars and 125 mpg for hybrids.

Currently, President Obama has rolled out a target of 54.5 mpg by 2025.  The proposal also calls on both private insurers to charge a flat fee per mile driven, and calls on Congress to implement a Western European style tax on miles driven.  Comments the report, "Policies that increase the marginal cost of driving should be considered."

Some have called for similar proposals raising tax on gas.

Without aggressive counter-incentives, NAS NRC predicts Americans will drive 5 trillion miles by 2050, 85 percent more than they did in 2010.  NAS NRC also suggests that Congress and the President could create a special tax that kicks in whenever the price of gas gets "too low", in order to artificially inflate its price above alternative fuels.

II. Study Also Suggest Gov't Play Venture Capitalist

The report admits that shoveling more taxes on citizens and stricter rules on automakers will be painful, remarking, "The costs and benefits of large reductions in petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions will both be substantial."

Another controversial proposal is for the government to play venture capitalist -- something the Obama administration has been wary of ever since Solyndra LLC went undertaking $553M USD in federal loans with it.  

But the NAS NRC is convinced that government venture capitalism will pay off, writing, "The government must be able to assess candidate activities, select only those with a high chance of success, accept some risk because is not guaranteed in every case, and be robust enough to survive when approaches initially chosen fail."

Obama bribery wide
The NAS NCR wants the federal government to play venture capitalist more often.
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The NAS NCR does comment, "[The government should set targets] that are truly technology-neutral tend to be attractive because they allow industry rather than the government to select the most promising means to meet the requirement."

The organization backs tech-neutrality in terms of fuel efficiency technologies -- as long as that technology isn't petroleum.

Sources: NAP, The Detroit News

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