NVIDIA just released an internal roadmap to their motherboard partners, details inside.

NVIDIA revealed a new roadmap for C19 and MCP55 to its motherboard partners this week.  The new high end version of the chip costs manufacturers a whopping $50 for MCP55 with the additional CK51XE tunnel.  C51XE + MCP55 will also sport an impressive dual gigabit PHY and native 2x16 PCIe lane support. 

A midrange version of MCP55, MCP55P, will only support 2x8 PCIe lanes natively, but cost half of the high end version.  Two more versions, MCP55U and MCP55S, have no SLI support, only a single gigabit PHY.  MCP55U will have RAID support while MCP55S does not.

Motherboard roadmaps reveal that higher end audio will show up inside MCP55, but whether or not that is integrated into MCP55 or not seems undetermined.

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