FiringSquad recently interviewed NVIDIA General Manager of the MCP Product Group, Drew Henry.

Our friends over at FiringSquad have posted an interview with NVIDIA's Drew Henry on their surprise acqusition of ULi.  What plans does NVIDIA actually have for ULi and its engineers?  What will become of ULi's partnership with ATI?  FiringSquad tries to get those questions and more answered:

FiringSquad: What are the strengths that ULi will bring to NVIDIA?
Drew Henry:
The acquisition will significantly enhance NVIDIA's core logic/MCP design team and overall business. It will also significantly strengthen NVIDIA's sales, marketing, and customer engineering presence in Taiwan and China, critical business and engineering hubs for the PC industry. In addition, NVIDIA will acquire a suite of products and technology that are complementary to our current MCP business. NVIDIA will also be able to leverage ULi's world class team for the design of future NVIDIA products.

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