Computer offers 958 megaflops performance per watt

NVIDIA announced this week that it has the most energy efficient supercomputer capable of petaflop class performance, and that machine is powered by NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. The computer is the Tsubame 2.0 system that is in place in the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
The machine is ranked as the greenest super computer in the petaflop class according to the Green500 list.
This list is published two times a year and this is the second time that NVIDIA has won. NVIDIA claims that this machine is three times more energy efficient than comparable CPU-based machines in the same class.
The NVIDIA-powered Tsubame 2.0 heterogeneous supercomputer is used for scientific research in Japan and offered sustained performance of 1.19 petaflops and consumed 1.2 megawatts of power delivering 958 megaflops per watt of energy. The closest x86 CPU only machine was the Cielo Cray supercomputer used at the Los Alamos National Lab with 278 megaflops per watt of performance.
The Tsubame 2.0 machine uses HP ProLiant SL390 servers with Intel Xeon CPUs accelerated by Tesla GPS. The Tesla GPUs give the machine more than 80% of its performance. NVDIA also points out that five of the most efficient computers on the list use GPUs and CPUs.

Source: NVIDIA

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