NVIDIA is hiring eDRAM engineers for possible upcoming PSP-sucessor GPU

NVIDIA is currently recruiting senior eDRAM design engineers. The new job is for a full-time position at NVIDIA’s Santa Clara, California offices. There is no mention what projects the senior eDRAM design engineers will work on, however, the job responsibilities include:
  • Transistor level circuit design for Graphics processors and other ASICs targeted at desktop, laptop, workstation, set-top box, wireless and home networking markets.
  • Participating in circuit design of eDRAM macros.
  • Circuit simulations, layout extractions, timing characterizations and timing file generations.
  • Layout floor planning and layout supervisions.
  • Circuit level logical function and transistor level verifications.
NVIDIA does not have any products that integrate eDRAM now, however, Beyond3D forum members believe the job posting is for an upcoming GPU for Sony’s PSP successor. This makes sense as the Sony PS2 and PSP GPU feature eDRAM.  Although NVIDIA is a likely candidate as the GPU designer for Sony’s PSP successor, neither companies have made any announcements.

Other gaming consoles that take advantage of eDRAM include Nintendo’s Gamecube, Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360; however, all three consoles feature AMD ATI designed graphics processors. On the eDRAM side of things, IBM recently unveiled the fastest eDRAM technology yet.

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