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NVIDIA brushes aside the latest reports of its chipset demise

NVIDIA has been making the news quite a bit in the past few days. Earlier this week, there was speculation that NVIDIA could be in a prime position to provide chipsets for Apple's next generation MacBook notebooks.

However, earlier today, reports began to spring up stating that NVIDIA would drop its 790i motherboards and leave the chipset business altogether. The reports cited "sources" close to top Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers.

NVIDIA recently contacted DailyTech to quash the information regarding it leaving the chipset business. NVIDIA's Brian Burke made it clear that NVIDIA's chipset business is stronger than ever and touched on these three points:

  • Mercury Research has reported that the NVIDIA market share of AMD platforms in Q2 08  was 60%. We have been steady in this range for over two years.
  • SLI is still the preferred multi-GPU platform thanks to its stellar scaling, game compatibility and driver stability.            
  • nForce 790i SLI is the recommended choice by editors worldwide due to its compelling combination of memory performance, overclocking, and support for SLI.

Burke went on to say that "we're looking forward to bringing new and very exciting MCP products to the market for both AMD and Intel platforms."

While NVIDIA has made it clear that it has no intention of packing up and leaving the chipset business, the jury is still out on whether Apple will use NVIDIA chipsets in upcoming products.

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Purely marketing points...
By Diosjenin on 8/1/2008 2:57:10 PM , Rating: 2
- The last two years-ish on the CPU end have been dominated by Core 2. AMD platform penetration speaks (er, spoke) well of their graphics capabilities, not their chipsets.

- Crossfire scaling is as good or better than SLI in almost every in-game scenario nowadays.

- I was rather under the impression that "nVidia Driver Stability" was a naturally occurring oxymoron in the English language.

And no mention of those pesky data corruption issues...

RE: Purely marketing points...
By Ashrac on 8/1/08, Rating: -1
RE: Purely marketing points...
By Mitch101 on 8/1/2008 3:52:53 PM , Rating: 4
I am going to have to disagree. ATI's drivers are a lot better than they were a few years back (mostly in part to how well nVidia used to be) and ATI probably exceeds nVidia driver releases today.

NVIDIA Responsible for Nearly 30% of Vista Crashes in 2007

NVIDIA = 28.8% of Vista crashes
ATI = 9.3% of Vista crashes
Intel = 8.8% of Vista crashes

Something tells me nVidia drivers don't deserve the better than ATI comment you gave them.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By mindless1 on 8/1/08, Rating: 0
RE: Purely marketing points...
By StevoLincolnite on 8/2/2008 12:03:34 AM , Rating: 2
I love ATI's drivers, they are far more tweakable than the nVidia drivers thanks to ATI Tray Tools.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By B3an on 8/2/2008 4:02:10 AM , Rating: 1
ATI's drivers are not as stable as NV's. I'm impartial here and have used so many of each companies cards.
My 4870 has crashing problems and theres some weird bug where it dont always save your settings in CCC. Had other problems with the 2900 which ATI did not fix for 2 months.

The whole poor NV driver thing is purely from Vista's release, which lasted about 2 weeks. I'd always get the "display driver stopped responding" message. But that was fixed longggg ago.

By StevoLincolnite on 8/2/2008 5:32:33 AM , Rating: 3
I have Crossfire 4850's in my main rig, and it has been humming along perfectly fine without an issue.
I usually just buy whatever has the best Price/Performance for my needs, For Instance I had Radeon 9xxx over a Geforce FX, I had a Geforce 6 over a Radeon x8xx because of the SM3 support, which turns out now to be a wise choice, then I had an x1950pro because it was dirt cheap.
Before the Crossfire 4850's I had a Geforce 8800GT.

Both companies have fairly good driver sets, When Vista was released, nVidia's was clearly worst, but that's not saying ATI didn't have it's share of problems either when it came to drivers, the Catalyst 8.x Series of drivers have given AGP users nothing but troubles, and only now is that being rectified.

Hell, I consider us lucky when it comes to the Stability and Performance of ATI's and nVidia's Drivers, They could have been allot worse like those of Matrox, S3, SiS or XGI's - where you actually have to hope that something works.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By rudolphna on 8/2/2008 10:07:07 PM , Rating: 2
ive had nothing but problems with nvidia cards and vista. First, the integrated 6150se in my parents gateway was crashing. THEN the Geforce 6600GT i put in it for them was crashing it. this is with SP1 btw. Stuck an ATi 3650 in there and guess what?... Perfectly stable. AMD definetly has better drivers than NVidia does. And i also Love ATi Catalyst, its intuative (spelling?) and i especially like the Overdrive utility. I got my 2600XT from 800 core to 860, and the memory from 700mhz (1400) to 890Mhz (1780mhz). Of course, im using some RAMsinks on it so they dont melt, and it work perfectly. AMD definitely doing better.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By mindless1 on 8/3/2008 6:29:46 AM , Rating: 2

way to prove my point in a roundabout confused sort of way.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By Noliving on 8/1/2008 6:15:38 PM , Rating: 3
Yes but you have to remember though mitch101 that nearly two thirds of all the computers that were running vista were using a nvidia videocard. So it isn't fair to say ati drivers are a lot better because they sold less videocards and so they had less marketshare and so as a result of that had less crashes in vista.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By rudolphna on 8/2/2008 10:09:27 PM , Rating: 4
actually, that is incorrect. Intel has by far the majority (something like 80% of the graphics market. Obviously their drivers are best, since they have so few crashes with such a large percentage of the market.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By Ibrin on 8/1/2008 10:38:32 PM , Rating: 2
And what was NVIDIA's Vista market share compared to ATI? If they had 2x or 3x the Vista market share, then this would be all even-stevens. I know Intel has a huge market share, but those people aren't pushing their systems or playing demanding games.

This statistic only shows you one piece of a complex puzzle.

By StevoLincolnite on 8/2/2008 12:13:39 AM , Rating: 2
Well to be fair, The Drivers are pretty rock Solid, The Mobile Drivers leave much to be desired though, but that can be rectified with the Omega Drivers.

ATI Tray Tools allows tweaking of almost anything to do with your particular card to increase performance or to fix an issue you might be having with a Game.

Also, they are still producing AGP cards, but the support for the AGP cards in the drivers are rather bad.
The latest Drivers screamed "I'm a Teapot!" when I installed them on the System I fold with and that has a Radeon x1950pro AGP on an Athlon XP 1500+ and 1gb of Ram.

I don't have any AGP nVidia cards to see if nVidia is also Guilty of this though.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By PCXLFan on 8/2/2008 5:06:47 PM , Rating: 2
Would a larger percentage of crashes be due in part to having a larger marketshare?

RE: Purely marketing points...
By Fronzbot on 8/2/2008 6:19:20 PM , Rating: 2
Well you should also cite how much of the market uses nVidia chips as opposed to ATI. Saying "ATI is better because nVidia crashes more" is like saying "Toddlers are the best drivers because they cause the least amount of car accidents".

(Obviously a ridiculous example, but you get my point.)

RE: Purely marketing points...
By Fraggeren on 8/1/2008 4:41:56 PM , Rating: 1
Spot on, I agree 100%.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By QueBert on 8/1/2008 5:25:17 PM , Rating: 2
100% here, I'm not a fanboy, but Nvidia drivers aren't great and ATI's aren't shitty. I have a 8600GT right now but I don't find the drivers to be any better than my x800 it replaced.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By Mitch101 on 8/1/2008 3:30:22 PM , Rating: 5
On the AMD side the 780g is king. While the Gefore 7100 performance is very good the AMD 780g chipset has more audio options for an HTPC.

On the Intel side Intel is making the best motherboard chipsets in a long long time. Even for overclockers Intel chips are excellent. Given most people I know don't do SLI but instead wait for the next generation or two of video cards instead I have to feel SLI is a minor group and Intel would only want SLI because it allows Intel to compete with AMD on the top end.

There is supposed confirmation that Nvidia went to Intel with tail tucked and got an Nehalem license after giving Intel SLI. - You wonder why Jerry isn't mouthing off about Intel's cpu's being obsolete any more? Still most of the top end motherboards for Intel chips from NVIDIA are overpriced and offer no real performance advantages over the Intel parts.

I too had nVidia hard drive stability issues. For a long time I hated SATA drives saying this technology isn't perfected. I returned 3 drives of various manufacturer thinking they were faulty only to get them back and have them within 1-3 months start the mft$ errors again. I gave up and bought some good ole PATA drives and stuck the SATA drives on the shelf figuring it was some SATA/SATA2 compatibility issue even after I did the force to SATA1 stuff. It wasn't shortly after that all the news started hitting about nVidia's chipsets causing drive corruption. NCQ and nVidia drivers were to blame. I even disabled NCQ but since I used nVidia drivers I lost data again. When I got my new Intel Mobo I put those SATA drives in there and they have been flawless ever since. I was ticked to say the least of dealing with data loss for nearly a year because of this.

Now I know of 2 people with failed video one from HP and the other from Dell. Wouldn't you know they have nVidia video chipsets.

nVidia I bought your products for years and supported you since the TNT1 days. You can do all the PR-BS you want I wasted countless hours and lost data because you won't admit some of your products have serious bugs. You can blame manufacturing issues all you want but quality control testing and spot checking your products should have told you there were issues. I expect problems to a degree but what I don't like is a company that wont fess up to its mistakes. Data loss is inexcusable even Microsoft finally came out with thier home server issue as having a problem.

Goodbye nVidia it was nice knowing you when you actually delivered a high quality product without bugs that destroyed my data.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By larson0699 on 8/1/2008 7:46:51 PM , Rating: 2
Why are you comparing 780G to 7100? On the AMD side, it's NVIDIA who actually pulls off 8-channel LPCM audio over HDMI. 3d-wise, it's a toss-up dependant upon which games you play, but 780G and 8x00 are both excellent solutions for HTPC, the LPCM issue notwithstanding.

I'll give you credit for noting the well-known NVIDIA-corrupts-data plague, but in all the NVIDIA system platforms I ever beat the hell out of (this nForce2, a 6100 I had two years ago, and closely watching the current chips) I've not once lost (or seen lost) a bit on account of them. I like my NVIDIA systems for their stability.. and that they OC very well with no impact on that so long as you don't get unrealistic in tweaking.

I even dropped an ATI Radeon X800XL (and the PSU it needed) into the 6100 system when I had it.. Best Gateway I ever laid eyes on without a doubt. Sad to see BTX die because it was a real hit with cooling and chip layout. But my point is that NVIDIA worked for me, and worked beautifully. Maybe my luck is just good instead of everyone else's bad?

RE: Purely marketing points...
By FITCamaro on 8/1/2008 10:42:20 PM , Rating: 2
I had to reload Vista due to Nvidia's chipset drivers screwing up when I tried to do a simple supported task of assigning profiles (wanted it to OC my GPUs when AoC started and then set them back to factory specs when the game closed). The Nvidia drivers caused my system to freeze completely. Uninstalling the drivers completely and then reinstalling didn't work. I had to restore Vista from the backup I'd made.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By larson0699 on 8/2/2008 6:45:59 AM , Rating: 2
Any data loss? ;)

But seriously.. Was this recently or a few versions back (and in that case, is it an issue even now)? I know NV and Vista weren't playing nice from the beginning, but it does seem to improve over time. I sat Vista out so I really wouldn't know firsthand.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By cheetah2k on 8/3/2008 8:13:35 PM , Rating: 2
When I had my old Abit 680i mobo, I just couldn't run it at stock speeds and with 2x500mb SATA drives in RAID 0. Data errors in Vista came up every 5-6 min, so I had to switch back to just single drives in SATA. Not to mention the 680i was useless for overclocking Quads, especially the Q6600 (3.0Ghz almost stable). Dropped back to XP also, but the errors continued.

I ended up getting rid of this board for an XFX 780i board, and loading XP, but ditched the 2x500mb drives for 1 hitachi 1Tb drive, in order to avoid corruption issues. I have been able to get the Q6600 overclocked to 3.4ghz beautifully stable, but finding I need to reload the OS every 2-3 months, so theres still something not right.

I think the only reason why most Intel CPU users run nvidia boards is for SLi (I have 2 x XFX 8800GTX's). Once Intel can do this, I'll be heading back to an Intel chipset for sure, or if not, making the change in a year or so to Crossfire and AMD/ATi video now that they are value priced & competitive again.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By larson0699 on 8/4/2008 2:25:18 AM , Rating: 2
Well it's about time you ditched the 500mb drives.. No wonder all the corruption ;)

Put that Q6600 on a P43/P45 board with two 4870's (or two 4870x2's!!); you will wait less and spend less and have a more stable platform.

And shame on the bastard that modded down my OP. Fanboys.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By rudolphna on 8/2/2008 10:13:47 PM , Rating: 2
agree with you there. Im still usuing a BTX mainboard with a Pentium 4 and Radeon 2600xt. Runs cool and quiet. Great computer, for 3 years old.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By theapparition on 8/1/2008 3:34:04 PM , Rating: 1
With the exception of the "Vista" driver boondoggle, I'd take nVidia drivers any day over AMD.

Admittedly, from what I've seen lately, AMD has made signifigant strides in driver compatiblilty and stability, while nVidia hasn't.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By Mitch101 on 8/1/2008 3:46:44 PM , Rating: 2
That was HP's fault from what I understand.

The preliminary reason for all these headaches? It seems Intel drivers were mistakingly installed on systems with AMD processors, causing all sorts of chaos.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By Diosjenin on 8/1/2008 3:53:12 PM , Rating: 2
He's talking about graphics, not the SP3 headache.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By Mitch101 on 8/1/2008 4:10:11 PM , Rating: 2
WEIRD. I replied to a post about the AMD SP3 reboot issue someone was claiming AMD's drivers were to blame.

The post I am replying to is totally gone.

A few weeks back I made a post and it wasn't visible either.

Ghosts? - LOL.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By lakrids on 8/1/2008 3:38:55 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed. I've had a horrible chipset driver experience with Nvidia before.

Back in the days (admittedly a long time ago) I had a Nforce 2. And nvidia's drivers for that chipset made sure the HDD would turn off 2 seconds before shutdown, which by itself is fine. But it was so damn buggy, every time I made a goddamn restart it would force my HDDs to shutdown, then 2 seconds later my HDDs would be forced to spin up again, and it did that every time I restarted. That was just horrible, I have yet to go back to nvidia.

Apparently it's too much to demand that they take some time to quality check their **** before sending it off to ruin people's HDDs... just don't trust their drivers.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By mindless1 on 8/1/2008 5:58:57 PM , Rating: 2
Curiously, I built tons of nForce2 systems and never had this problem. I suspect you are blaming the wrong thing, that the drivers weren't the variable. Further, you had the option of not installing the IDE driver at all.

How did spinning a drive down and waking it up again ruin people's hard drives? If you rebooted 20 times a day the drives should still have survived this for decades based on manufacturer ratings. If your drives failed I would much sooner suspect they were either defective or ruined by a malfunctional PSU.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By lakrids on 8/1/2008 6:40:32 PM , Rating: 2
Format -> Install windows -> no issue
Install nforce drivers -> issue
Uninstall nforce drivers -> issue gone

You tell me what to blame here...I'm open to suggestions. The AMD CPU? The HDD? My nvidia graphics card? The RAM? The PSU? THE IDE cable?

Further, you had the option of not installing the IDE driver at all.

Maybe I should have tried that, I do remember the installer asking me several times again and again if I was sure I wanted to install a particular component.

But that's past now and my point was that their driver sucked. Even if you argue that HDDs statistically aren't hurt by occasionally spinning down then spinning up again 2 seconds later, it still wasn't acceptable behaviour in my opinion.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By mindless1 on 8/1/2008 7:51:07 PM , Rating: 2
I'm telling you that you have not isolated variables like you must in order to reach your conclusion.

As I wrote, I've built many systems with nForce2 that did not, still do not have this problem. They used all the driver versions available at the time of the system build throughout the nForce2 era. The variable that was different was not the drivers, so what remains is the motherboard itself (bios most likely), drives, other non-nVidia driver conflicts, or windows' configuration.

I agree it would be annoying but you wrote about drive failure which makes it seem as though you are being irrational.

Lastly, it's not just me, plenty of people used nForce2 systems without ever a peep about this issue you saw (with a mere sample size of one system?).

I'm not trying to tell you to like nVidia or anything like that, only that there is something more to it than what you had concluded and it's up to you to think about the questionable conclusion being sufficient to assume some other drivers or hardware years later has anything to do with the past. No company has historically made all, 100% bug free drivers so if something seemingly as isolated as you saw is a reason to avoid a company's drivers, you and the rest of us could have no alternatives at all, would have to avoid ALL drivers from everyone.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By larson0699 on 8/1/2008 7:52:18 PM , Rating: 2
I'm gonna blame that on either your system's ACPI BIOS or the HDD itself.

Here: Biostar nForce2 Ultra 400, Hitachi 80gig. Regardless of OS or driver, the HDD shuts off the same time every time (with everything else).

One man's trash is another's treasure, I guess.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By rudolphna on 8/2/2008 10:16:27 PM , Rating: 3
i wish. those drives arent made for that kind of start up/shutdown cycling. Most harddrives will run longer if you let them run 24/7 than if you shut them down/startup several times a day. Wear and tear on the drive motor and the bearings.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By mindless1 on 8/1/08, Rating: 0
RE: Purely marketing points...
By larson0699 on 8/1/2008 8:04:25 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed, underestimated but still mostly agreed, and agreed. No idea why you're a 1.

What's AMD's marketshare now, just for perspective? Where would I find out?

This guy's dead on about Intel having #1 all along. I think it's funny yet sad and ironic that this mass of fair-market egos hates on Intel for playing rough, then goes and upgrades all-Intel just because they're the best in IPS this year. I'm no fanboy, but I'm gonna keep buying AMD as long as they're so far behind. To me, it isn't about the marketing or who performs better (to an extent...) but what helps us both. It so happens to be an added benefit that an AMD system (platform/IGP, CPU) is still about 25% greener than the similar offering from Intel. AND for a while they're cheaper. Most would notice the difference in wallet before raw MIPS.

By StevoLincolnite on 8/2/2008 12:26:03 AM , Rating: 2
Well personally for me AMD Is dominating the Low-end.

I could for instance, pick up a Pentium 2180 1.8ghz for $115 locally here in Australia, or I could grab an Athlon 64 X2 5200 Low Voltage @ 2.6ghz for $110, without Overclocking added into the equation, the Athlon 64 X2 seems like a very good Bargain, I could then probably jump up to the 5600+ for only $122, and that would net significantly more performance than the Budget Pentium 2xxx series would at the same price.

Pair that with a Radeon 4850, 2gb of ram and you could run Crysis on "High" Easily enough.

RE: Purely marketing points...
By Lakku on 8/3/2008 5:48:54 PM , Rating: 2
I agree with point 1, partially disagree with point 3, and NEITHER company has had great drivers in my experience. As for point 2, you are quite a ways off. Crossfire does not scale anywhere nearly as well as SLi in many major benchmarks, not counting the use of AA or overall performence. You have to remove those two as ATi's new Edge AA is pretty effective and provides a small advantage, and overall performence varies between sites and between benchmarks. I don't need to provide proof of SLi scaling better, seeing as how just about every review says it currently scales better from every major site (HardOCP, Anandtech, etc.). Honestly, SLi is the only reason nVidia chipsets even sell if you ask me, as their SATA drivers and RAID setups are horrible. Rumor has it that x58 from Intel will have SLi capability, which will immediately have me jumping ship. I went SLi for awhile and the scaling was quite good, and nVidia is very much on top of game compatibility for SLi. The same cannot be said of ATi until late, when they were called out on their scaling issues and the fact they issued special drivers for Crossfire for the most used benchmarks. At any rate, nVidia chipsets are good if you have BIOS revision 7 or later, which means they are good about 6 months or more after release.

By micha90210 on 8/1/2008 2:48:35 PM , Rating: 2
The stock has just fallen additional 5%. I've lost a total 2500$ since I've bought it 4 months ago for 5000$.

RE: Bummer
By silversound on 8/1/2008 2:57:38 PM , Rating: 2
I lost quiet a few too when I bought AMD for 6.3 in June...

RE: Bummer
By silversound on 8/1/2008 3:02:33 PM , Rating: 2
Nvidia and AMD will continous to suffer at least for a year...
Hope intel will make a big mistake...
and the new nehalem didnt see a huge leap from the revolutionary Conroe (Only up to 30%?)

RE: Bummer
By Master Kenobi on 8/1/2008 3:37:59 PM , Rating: 4
The Core 2 was only 30% faster than the Pentium 4. If Nehalem is 30% faster than Core 2, that would be quite impressive.

RE: Bummer
By Flunk on 8/1/2008 5:16:28 PM , Rating: 2
That may hold true for the initial models but they had the added bonus of not burning a hole in your desk, lower prices and clock speeds that quickly ramped up (Nehelem may get this in the future too).

Saying that, I think we are ignoring that Nehelem's on-die memory controller should allow for chipsets that use less power which could translate into better battery life. Here's hoping on that one.

RE: Bummer
By silversound on 8/1/2008 5:51:13 PM , Rating: 2
What are you talking about?
The Core 2 was not only 30% faster than the Pentium 4... P4 was even slower than Athlon 64
core 2 at least double the speed of pentium 4 at same frequency, go check the benchmark @ tom's:

RE: Bummer
By mindless1 on 8/1/2008 6:03:23 PM , Rating: 4
Why bother considering "at the same frequency" when it obviously didn't start out at a frequency parity and isn't even intended to be a similar design?

Yes Core2 is over 30% faster if using reasonably comparable criteria, but not close to 200%.

RE: Bummer
By Noliving on 8/1/2008 6:18:21 PM , Rating: 2
he said double the speed not triple. Double the speed in percentage is 100%

RE: Bummer
By mindless1 on 8/1/2008 7:53:31 PM , Rating: 2
Indeed, I didn't word that as I meant it but hopefully you realized what was meant.

RE: Bummer
By oab on 8/2/2008 4:58:32 PM , Rating: 4
Toms hardware?

*ignores your post*

RE: Bummer
By Lightnix on 8/1/2008 9:37:04 PM , Rating: 2

30% faster than the FX-62 in low-res gaming, which I'd presume'd put it a fair bit faster than 30% over a P4 unless I missed something big.

RE: Bummer
By Machinegear on 8/1/2008 3:12:41 PM , Rating: 2
Nvidia Corp. stock is trading around $10 bucks today. That is a 52 week low. I hope Jen-Hsun has an ace up his sleave to pull his company out of this downward tail-spin. What I fear is the one-time charge of ~$200M in the second quarter won't be enough to cover the costs associated with their faulty chips, further dragging down Nvidia and their stock price.

Background info:

RE: Bummer
By phazers on 8/1/2008 3:39:27 PM , Rating: 3
"I hope Jen-Hsun has an ace up his sleave..."

As opposed to a 'can of whoopass' that turned out to be a whoopee cushion? Personally the only player I see continuing to make signficant profit is Intel, although its stock has been stuck in the low $20 range for quite some time.

RE: Bummer
By crystal clear on 8/2/2008 4:30:48 AM , Rating: 2
Forbes quotes this-

"It all points to substantial execution problems which we do not believe the company can dramatically fix in one or two quarters."

RE: Bummer
By Silver2k7 on 8/2/2008 5:50:04 AM , Rating: 2
"I hope Jen-Hsun has an ace up his sleave to pull his company out of this downward tail-spin. "

I guess that would be the G200b, 55nm die shrink of the G200.. all ive seen so far is asap.. but no real dates.

RE: Bummer
By TETRONG on 8/1/2008 3:56:09 PM , Rating: 2
You'll be ok if you hold it for a long time.
Nvidia's not going anywhere. Their Tegra SoC is much more impressive than Intel's Atom platform.
The stocks are just massively depressed right now because of the market at large. AMD and Nvidia have both taken a beating, but they're coming up with solid product-it'll turn around in the new year.

By ImSpartacus on 8/1/2008 2:50:22 PM , Rating: 2
I don't see nVidia getting too much chipset business for Intel desktops if Intel has SLI. That will hurt them, but if they can get Apple and maintain AMD chipsets I think they will do fine.

Now I just can't wait for X58 SLI/CF boards...

By phatboye on 8/1/2008 2:57:10 PM , Rating: 2
Intel chipsets have SLI now?

By nosfe on 8/1/2008 3:12:38 PM , Rating: 2
they'll have, once the manufacturers will place a oven mark nForce200 on the boards

By Lakku on 8/3/2008 6:01:43 PM , Rating: 2
Oven mark nForce 200? You trying to say the nForce 200's are like an oven? Well, they may be hot, but try checking out the ATi 4000 series, of which the 4850 runs at 80 C at IDLE. Otherwise, Im missing the point of this comment.

By insurgent on 8/4/2008 12:59:24 AM , Rating: 2
80c at idle.. lol. Why don't you compare what a video card does and what the nforce 200 does? Your logic is severely lacking.

By ImSpartacus on 8/1/2008 3:13:20 PM , Rating: 2
I thought nVidia finally agreed to give Intel SLI or Intel wouldn't allow nVidia a license to make Nehalem chipsets.

I'm sure I have the story wrong, don't take me word for it.

By Spivonious on 8/1/2008 3:20:55 PM , Rating: 2
That would be good if it's true. Consumers gain another choice, and nVidia rakes in the license money.

By Noliving on 8/1/2008 6:21:52 PM , Rating: 2
Ya but you have to buy the x58 motherboards so you still have to fork over atleast $200 bucks to intel to get an intel chipset with sli.

By FITCamaro on 8/1/2008 10:46:09 PM , Rating: 2
At least it'll be stable, run cooler, and won't carry all that marketing crap Nvidia is famous for which f*cks up their chipsets.

By ImSpartacus on 8/1/2008 11:43:48 PM , Rating: 2
Eventually I'm sure P55 will have SLI. Those will cost $100-150 I'm sure.

I seriously doubt that nVidia will just skip out on making Nehalem chipsets. If they agreed to trade an SLI license for a Nehalem license then by god, nVidia will use the license.

Will Nvidia survive or end up in bankcruptsy
By crystal clear on 8/2/2008 2:48:26 AM , Rating: 2
Do some research & see for yourself-

Refer to product pages on the following mobo makers sites-

DFI, Foxconn and Gigabyte

The three companies mentioned above have pulled the 790i boards from their product pages.

790i chipset products have "VANISHED"

Check up major vendor/reseller sites they are fast disappearing as they gradually update their product pages/ sites.

It appears Nvidia has a very serious problem from notebooks to desktops & prefers NOT to talk about it.

Note - The company reports its results on August 12.

All this so close to a company reporting its results on AUG 12.......

No wonder thay are sending emails to every tech website to analyst etc.

There is a confidence crisis.....from the mobo manufacturers to OEMs & nobody is talking openly about it.

Obviosly out of fear of a huge drop in sales + revenues & share prices.

Information is leaked out ultimately.....when you have graphics chips fail at alarming rates due to defective Nvidia chips, ..... its not only a bad / defective batch of chips,but something more serious than that.

Expect huge losses....well wait & see

If there is a major recall of products from Nvidia then expect-


One step before bankcruptsy...given the highly successful AMD/ATI product line up,then.........

maybe Apple buys up Nvidia really cheap ... & gets a chipset of its own.

By crystal clear on 8/2/2008 3:28:18 AM , Rating: 2
Form 8-K for NVIDIA CORP- states the following.

We have begun discussions with our supply chain regarding reimbursement to us for some or all of the costs we have incurred and may incur in the future relating to the weak material set.

We will also seek to access our insurance coverage. We continue to not see any abnormal failure rates in any systems using NVIDIA products other than certain notebook configurations. However, we are continuing to test and otherwise investigate other products.

There can be no assurance that we will not discover defects in other MCP or GPU products.

Note this-

1) There can be no assurance that we will not discover defects in other MCP or GPU products.

Just think hard on this point & their implications in the future.

RE: Will Nvidia survive or end up in bankcruptsy
By Lakku on 8/3/2008 6:08:44 PM , Rating: 2
Given the highly succesful AMD/ATi line up? How would you know, it just came out, and it isn't exactly beating nVidia in anything but price, and even then, with the price drops, nVidia has stayed level. AMD/ATi is much closer to bankruptcy then nVidia is, and two video cards aren't going to change that. If you bring up the 4870 x2, by the way, be sure to bring up the fact it is having power and heat issues, hence why Anand, HardOCP, and no one else could comment on that in their articles.

By crystal clear on 8/4/2008 3:59:03 AM , Rating: 2
The bad publicity created by these defective chips is enough to create " a confidence crisis '.

Buyers will opt for the AMD/ATI option than risk having a defective chip in their notebooks.

Result-Nvidia will experience a massive drop in their sales & ofcourse AMD/ATI will see a massive increase in their sales.

Would you buy a notebook with known defective chips ?

and two video cards aren't going to change that.

NOT so simple,read this-

It turns out virtually all the NVIDIA mobile chips are defective. NVIDIA tried to brush off the issue stating that the issue was a "previous-generation" problem. However, it turns out that virtually all 8400M and 8600M chips are defective. These chips make up the bulk of NVIDIA's higher end graphics offerings. While NVIDIA started to roll out the first of its 9 series mobile chips, the 8 series represents the flagship line of its mobile offerings.
The low to middle end chips are also virtually all defective. Among the defective lines are the GeForce Go 7000 and 6000 lines, as well as the Quadro NVS 135M and the Quadro FX 360M.

Now do you see how serious is the problem-

It turns out virtually all the NVIDIA mobile chips are defective.

Now how can Nvidia compete with AMD/ATI with this product lineup ?

Form 8-K for NVIDIA CORP- states the following-

There can be no assurance that we will not discover defects in other MCP or GPU products.

Note this-

"It all points to substantial execution problems which we do not believe the company can dramatically fix in one or two quarters."

<!--[if !supportLists]-->
By Lord 666 on 8/1/2008 2:28:56 PM , Rating: 2
Whats up with that?

RE: <!--[if !supportLists]-->
By phaxmohdem on 8/1/2008 5:03:45 PM , Rating: 2
I for one DO support lists. Whats up with you? :)

Oh yeh
By crystal clear on 8/2/2008 12:20:55 AM , Rating: 2
NVIDIA recently contacted DailyTech to squash the information regarding it leaving the chipset business.

Really !!!! WOW so exclusive awesome !!!

Read this-

A spokesperson fired off an unsolicited e-mail to ChannelWeb and other media organizations Friday, claiming the story to be "false" and "groundless.";jsessionid=I...

One news item below was enough for Nvidia to send emails to every tech website possible-

Nvidia said to be quitting chipset business; company denies claims

The sources claim that Nvidia will probably transfer the chipset team to work on GPU projects. On the motherboard makers' side, some makers have already canceled upcoming high-end motherboard projects based on the nForce 7-series chipset.

The loss of its chipset business would have a significant impact on Nvidia's GPU business in the short-term. Reception to the nForce 200 chip (BR04) which will enable SLI technology on Intel X58 motherboards has been lukewarm at best, with many makers saying they will not bother adding the chip on their boards. This means Nvidia needs to find a way of licensing and enabling multi-GPU support on motherboards using Intel and/or AMD chipsets fast. Otherwise it will have to cede the top-end of the graphics card market to AMD, which now has the benefit of Crossfire

Digitimes refuses to retract this news item !!!

Nvidia (NSDQ:NVDA) has asked Digitimes for "a full retraction" of a story appearing Friday in the tech journal that claims the Santa Clara, Calif.-based graphics chip maker "has decided to throw in the towel and quit the chipset business."



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