Opteron revision F gets a platform

NVIDIA has officially announced its nForce Professional 3000 series of server and workstation chipsets in time for AMD’s revision F Opteron launch. Three nForce Professional 3000 series are available—the 3400, 3600 and 3050.

The nForce Pro 3400 is an entry level part designed for 1P Opteron 12xx servers and workstations. It offers 28 PCI Express lanes with six links in a fixed configuration. NVIDIA’s nForce Pro 3600 is similar to the 3400 in terms of PCI Express lanes and links; however the nForce Pro 3600 can be coupled with the nForce Pro 3050 for more expansion. The nForce Pro 3600 and 3050 combination form NVIDIA’s high end server and workstation platform. It offers 56 PCI Express lanes with 12 links in a flexible configuration.

All nForce Pro 3000 series chipsets support NVIDIA’s SLI technology with NVIDIA Quadro and GeForce graphics cards. Six SATA II ports with support for RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5 and NVIDIA’s MediaShield storage technology are available on nForce Pro 3400 and 3600. NForce 3600 and 3050 combinations double the amount of supported SATA II ports to 12.  Native Gigabit Ethernet is supported on all nForce 3000 series chipsets; though the 3400 and 3600 have two Ethernet MACs while the 3600 and 3050 combination support four Ethernet Macs. TCP/IP acceleration, load balancing/failover and remote management is supported on all nForce Pro 3000 series chipsets. All nForce Pro 3000 series have ten USB ports and five PCI slots too.

NVIDIA nForce Professional 3000 series motherboards should be arriving soon. DailyTech previously spotted nForce Professional 3000 series motherboards at Computex 2006.

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