Athlon FX and Intel Extreme Edition processors never looked so affordable

A few weeks ago we alluded to a single slot, quad-SLI ready GeForce 7900 adaptor.  According to several manufacturers, the card is ready.  The 7900GX2 is expected to be a dual slot, dual GeForce 7900GTX card with 1024MB of DDR3 specifically for quad-SLI. 

A German manufacturer accidentally leaked the card prices and specifications early with a jaw dropping $1,000 price tag per card.  To game "the way it was meant to be played" with the GeForce 7900GX2 would mean conservatively paying $2,000 for video hardware alone.  The German website claims GeForce 7900GX2 will have a 650MHz core clock with a 1600MHz memory clock, but our sources have indicated the card will actually have slightly lower clocks. 

Tier 1 manufacturers have confirmed with us that allocation for cards is limited to 100 pieces per manufacturer per week.  We will see the official embargo for 7900GX2 lift within one week.

Update 03/16/2006: We originally published a figure of $4,000 USD for a quad SLI setup.  The real figure should be $2,000.

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