MCP61 shows up on NVIDIA's most recent roadmap -- single chip UMA and SVDO are here

The latest NVIDIA roadmaps show what we had all expected -- a single package unified MCP and GPU: the MCP61.  MCP61 is the codename for NVIDIA's upcoming AM2 IGP chipset.  The chip is different than NVIDIA's last IGP attempts, nForce 430 and nForce 410, because it uses a single chip design rather than an MCP and a dedicated GeForce ASIC.

MCP61 will show up in three flavors.  MCP61P will be a direct replacement for the GeForce 6150 combination, or the "high end."  MCP61P features a single PCIe x16 lane, dual x1 lanes, Gigabit Ethernet and RAID 5.  Since MCP51P, NVIDIA has also dropped on-chip DVI output in favor of Intel's Serial Digital Video Out (SVDO).  SVDO has existed in one form or another since Intel's 845G chipset, but the technology has not really picked up yet.  It will be up to the motherboard manufacturers to include SVDO to DVI (or DMS-59 possibly) transmitters.

NVIDIA's middle and low range chipsets -- MCP61S and MCP61V, respectively -- will contain many of the same features as MCP61P, but with fewer options.  There is no SVDO output on either of these chipsets, so analog 15-pin D-sub connectors will be the only supported video output.  There are only two SATA ports and the Gigabit Ethernet is reduced to 10/100 speeds.  MCP61S has an eight lane PCIe graphics interconnect, while MCP61V does not have any.  All three chips are Windows Vista Premium certified.

A slide of the most recent roadmap was dedicated to displaying the savings between MCP61 and competing VIA chipsets.  The savings ranges from $0.50 up to $4.00, but NVIDIA does not include the cost of an SVDO to DVI transmitter -- something that will be absorbed by the board manufacturers.

The roadmap does not outline which graphic adaptors the company will adopt for MCP61, but it does mention MCP61P will have a faster clock than MCP61S and MCP61V.  The roadmap also details that the entire MCP is based on a 90nm process, including the graphics core.  Earlier this year NVIDIA launched a 90nm GeForce 7300, so it would be reasonable to expect this GPU core to show up in MCP61.

NVIDIA's MCP55 was launched as nForce 5xx earlier this year.  The chipset is designed specifically for AMD AM2 motherboards, but MCP61 is slated to launch just two months after the actual AM2 launch.  Since MCP55 does not feature integrated graphics, the overlap between the two products will be fairly minimal.

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