Laws banning texting and driving are hard to enforce

Many states around the country have bans in effect for driving and texting or making calls while driving without a hands free device. Despite the fact that laws are in place in many cities to prevent drivers from texting and driving, few tickets are issued for the offense in most areas.

In the Raleigh N.C. area, a ban has been in effect on texting and driving since December of 2009. Despite the law, so far the number of tickets written in the area is miniscule. WRAL reports that in Wake county only two citations have been issued for texting and driving while in Durham County only one citation has been written. Across the entire state of North Carolina, only 71 citations for texting while driving have been issued.

Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt. Jeff Gordon said, "It’s an excellent law; it's just that a trooper has to articulate that a person is in fact texting and not looking at their phone number or making a phone call."

The North Carolina law states that driver should pull over to send a text message, but many drivers simply ignore the ban. One 21-year-old driver Nadia Hedgley said, "It is bad. I know it's unsafe, but if you've got to text, you've got to text." "There have been times when I’ve texted, and I’ve realized I’m getting up too close to a car,” added 21-year-old driver Alicia Tegan.

The problem is that it is hard for officers to see when a person is texting and driving and when they do see a person using their phone while driving or looking down at the phone; it can be hard to tell if the person is making a call or sending a text.

A report issued in December 2009 showed that drivers who are texting and driving are six times more likely to have an accident. Despite the facts and the publicity surrounding the dangers of texting and driving, many simply ignore the law. One teen interviewed by Reuters in December 2009 simply said, "Nobody is going to listen."


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