Come on Microsoft, you have GOT to be kidding me!

I've had it up to here! That's all I can stands and I can't stands no more! My Xbox 360 is dead once again. The Xbox 360, which has been sitting upright, rather close to a vent which is blowing out cold air from the central air conditioning system, will have to go back to Microsoft... AGAIN!

I wrote in late March in my blog when my Xbox 360 died the first time. At that time, my Xbox 360 died after some gaming sessions in GRAW 2 and streaming music as a Media Center Extender. Microsoft "repaired" my console and sent it back to me good as new.

Today, my Xbox 360 showed signs of failure while downloading the Forza Motorsport 2 demo. Not long after I posted my blog earlier today about the demo, my Xbox 360 locked up while downloading the game. I restarted the Xbox 360 to see it get the dreaded RRoD. The first thing I thought isn't printable here, but you can probably imagine what came out of my mouth.

I rebooted the machine and all was well for a while. I set the option in the Dashboard to put the Xbox 360 in "low-power mode" while downloading and proceeded to start the download again. I then "turned off" the Xbox 360 and the power light began flashing to signify that it had gone into low-power mode. I came back about two hours later to see that the Xbox 360 had turned off. I assumed that the download had finished and started the machine back up. The demo was nowhere to be found, so I went to view the active downloads and the demo was pegged at 0%.

At that moment, the console froze again. So I decided to try rebooting it again and managed to get back into the Dashboard. I restarted the download and all appeared to be well. Once the download finished, I went to play the game. I performed a single race using the 993 911 Turbo and performed another race using the E36 M3. Having satisfied my fix for that moment, I decided to turn the machine off for a while.

I come back a few hours later and turn the Xbox 360 on. RRoD. I turn it off and back on again. RRoD. I unplugged the unit, waited 5 minutes and plugged it back in again. RRoD. I removed the 20GB HDD. RRoD.

Thanks Microsoft, thanks A LOT!

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